Why captcha is important, why we fill and there advantage.

Why captcha is important

Why captcha is important.

In today world Internet and technology take a look at Why captcha is important, was and what it does happen, think of an example before that, you should have heard the name of the IRCTC.

Reservation of all trains running on the Indian Railway, which is from the same website.

You will know here that which is immediately a system where you get the reservation on the train 1 day before.

What will happen if we not use Captcha

The sleeper class opens immediately at 11:00 am, AC at 10:00 am and see if I have to book tickets in the instant, what will I do if I will be sitting at 10:00 am or sitting at 11:00 in the morning.

Now, at 11:00 am, there will be an immediate opening, I will log in to the IRCTC website.

After locking, I will select all the trains which train to do on the train, I will interact all my details. Then I will pay In this, I will take 1 to 2 minutes from min to min. I mean, 2 to 3 minutes is about to take place, in booking this ticket.

But if someone had done it before, then all the tickets went to him.

After that nothing left me, but if I am a programmer, my mind goes into coding, then I can make a Script, I can make a bot Can I make a make a robot? So all I have to do is tell him beforehand.

Automatically Website Script or Bot work withing 10 seconds

I just have to run that script at 11:00 in the morning, then the automatic things I do will make my script.

He will log in to the website, select the train, fill all the information, payout, whatever things I do that takes me one to two minutes, from the script, that robot, he will automatically get it in Bot from 10 seconds.

So everything that makes the booking in 2 minutes immediately in the Ticket will be booked in 10 seconds.

So the biggest duality here was for all the websites, for all the things, on the Internet, for the whole world, how to find out that he is a special human being means a real person, or he is a robot so that he Accordingly, he can do all the precautions within our website, shut the door.

Script is fill up your database

If the script is created then people will not be able to finish it immediately after opening.

Here the concept is brought from CAPTCHA this short form will see full form Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart To bring it.

It was because so many spots that are spamming, Bot are spoiling all the websites are spoiling a million in a second. A million registrations are being made in the ID of the Gmail ID, and the id is being created, one is being locked in a sec.

All these were brought to stop. It turns out that you are a human or a robot. The technology behind which is the use of technology is how to find out that people were mind-boggled here.

The Captcha was designed in 2003

The Captcha was designed in 2003, this is where it is displayed in different characters or on human beings with your eyes It may be that the words that she is showing show her a sloppy rope and put a lot of sleeves behind her.

So that if the computer falls on it, then it can not understand and human beings understand with their eyes, and submit it.

By typing it to find out whether you are human or a robot, then it was further advanced after it was formed. after that, why do we show different digits, show alphabets, show some mining flowers, or even make the same.

ReCAPTCHA His motive designed by a company, was that it shows some good words by showing off the bad things.

Use for OCR (Optical Character Recognition)


So what did these people do as they scanned all the books in the market and see a technology and they talk to OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This happens because if you show an image, then scan the computer and tell it That is to convert it into text.

The problem was that the things that showed it would convert, then what would have meant to show what happened.

So these people did what they did, and they scanned all those books, scanned the computer and read the boss and read what you are reading or what you cannot read so many computers.

How to tell the word that did not read, put them on a word in the captcha. Because if he can not read the computer, then someone who is not able to convert them into the automated text.

CAPTCHA’s now becomes reCAPTCHA

Then after which CAPTCHA’s reCAPTCHA becomes. He used to show books of books and he was shown a little sloppy rambling so that he could not be found. All these things kept going on.

Then in 2009, I came to Google. There was also a challenge in front of Google that it should stop the things that are spamming in Google. What Google did was buy the same company that Captcha did.

Then in 2009, the CAPTCHA was sold to Google and Google opened its mind that it should be made more as it is very wrong to write text on people.

It means people are troubled by its a time in the West. Many Google companies have come in the market before they can do something. They started talking.

They laid their hands on the full call center type fences, and people said that if you give money to those companies, then the automation will be asked by your captcha.

When CAPTCHA came, he would have gone to his image, he would have filled his image, then he would have gone bypass for the automatic. Make this tree service, take captcha, take the captcha money.

Google launches a new captcha, which is called No Captcha (reCAPTCHA)

What happened after that Google made the mind that it is better to write it again and again, if it is made advanced, Google launches a new captcha.

which is called No Captcha ReCAPTCHA, Read more.. which means that you have seen nowadays such captcha You will find on Google’s website which says I am not robot is here to click here and if there is a right click on the green color then you take that Can exceed the target.

It will be in your head if I can click any robot can also script, click here also. The problem here is that when you click on it, you can load lots of information from your computer to Google server Goes to what your IP address will go, the location of your country will go, the location of your city will go.

when you clicked on it, your mouse that came from that moment, he directly came at Street or how come he gets all information. How many times have you scrolled over that page, how long you are on that page, this information goes with this information on Google’s servers.

Use of Machine Learning in Captcha

There is a Machine Learning (AI) use on Google’s server. It is detected that the behavior is coming, the behavior is coming, if you click on it, whether it is a human or a boat, if it is 95% even if Google’s server thinks it is a human then Click and you will go ahead for it for automatic.

But if 10% of him also feels that this is a vote, then automatically you will stop there. You will be shown the images.

You will be asked to point the cargo, point the bus, point to the street signal, according to that, if you do it twice, then you will verify it, your id will also write the list and the next time Automatically ticks up.

In this manner which has become a new captcha which was called No Captcha in which you have nothing to fill in. You have to follow all the things by clicking the click here.

The captcha here is a lot of the meaning that one can speak from one side to the Messiah is the fraud of all websites Stop because of what happens to the script that you can create anything.

Protect your website using Google Captcha

Now you yourself have to think that if you are giving sign up on your own website, giving something like giving the form, then to do that.

if you have made a script, millions of requests come overnight and your whole The database will be filled up, then you also see on your website that you have given a captcha on sign up or have not given it, the script can be created.

Anyone has an enemy with you, then you have to close your website. If the database has to be full, then by creating all the script, you will fill up your database and then take the preconcession so that if you put a captcha on your website then bypass it on your website.

Otherwise, If you can not do it, there are different websites that use different CAPTCHA What Facebook has made of itself, this reCAPTO runs in Google

IRCTC used NLP Captcha

If you go to IRCTC, NLP captcha runs there, What is the NLP? It gives money to fill the CAPTCHA, then the IRCTC website which earns from advertising, earns from service charge, then earns from these captives. Any website that you visit will fill the captcha which you are filling in the right way, then you will be considered a robot.

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