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Chest Workout – Incline Dumbbell Fly, Sunil Sharma, the fitness instructor at Maximus Fitness Academy, explains how to do chest workouts – fly incline dumbbells.

Hold the dumbbell in both hands and take both your hands outwards and then bring both hands up and mix with each other.

Remember not to bend your arm elbows during this process. Do not relax the muscles of your hands while repeating this process.

When you want to get strong chest

Chest Workout – Incline Dumbbell Fly, The strong and wide chest is the identity of a macho man. And even if not, if the chest is strong and shaped, then it gives evidence of your muscularity.

Men have a great desire to get attractive and strong chests, for which they also work hard in the gym, but to get such attractive and strong chests, some selective exercise and balanced diet is required for the chest.

So let’s know what are the exercises to be done for the best chest.

Bench press

The most effective exercise known as chest exercises is the bench press which really makes the chest muscles very strong.

To bench press, lie back on the bench and hold the barbell with both hands. Now lift it 12 to 15 times and bring it down. This will make the chest muscles stronger and the chest will be wider.

Dumbbell bench press

This flat is a similar exercise to a dumbbell press. But dumbbell bench press works more effectively on chest muscles.

To do this, lie down on the bench on the bench and lift the dumbbells in both hands and bring them towards the chest while pushing the shoulders and then lift them up. Do 2 to three sets of 8 to 10 raps.


Push-ups are the only exercise that is heavy on all exercises. This is such a wide chest exercise that you can do anywhere without any weight.

To do this, lie on your stomach and with both hands lift the body up and then bring it down. This will increase the muscles of the chest and strengthen the arms.

Staggered push-ups

Staggered push-ups make the chest, shoulder and triceps stronger and bigger. This is done in three steps. In the first step, in a push-up position, straighten the legs and hands.

Then keep hands under shoulders. In the second step, move your straight hand forward and reverse in reverse. Now bring your chest towards the floor until it touches it, and then return back up.

Returning upstairs will complete a wrap. Use second hand in each wrap respectively.

Dumbbell chest press

You can also exercise the chest with the help of dumbbells. To do this lie back on the bench and hold dumbbells in both hands instead of barbel. And move them up and then back down. Be careful not to bend the dumbbells too much.

Flat dumbbell press

A flat dumbbell press is a better exercise than a flat bench because your hands do not fall below a certain threshold. Whereas the rod touches the chest as you touch it while doing the bench, there is no movement on your chest while pressing dumbbell.

The more you take the dumbbell down, the more pressure is made on your chest.

Medicine ball push up

Medicine ball is an effective exercise to push up the chest. To do this, put your left hand on the medicine ball and the right hand on the ground, coming in a push-up posture.

Then place your chest one inch above the floor and then press upwards. From the top position, place your left hand above the ball and the right hand on the floor.

Shoulder and chest

To do this exercise, bend your knees slightly and stand up straight. Hold each end of a towel straight out in front of the shoulder and chest. Now using small pulsing motions, pull the towel at the opposite end at the same time.

Try to keep the towel taut in the middle of the flutter. Continue for one minute and repeat it thrice.

Importance of breath in chest exercise

The method of breathing has a special significance in chest exercise. Always exhale while moving the weight up.

When exercising with normal weight, keep the breath normal as well (this will apply to every part with every exercise, beyond which we will talk about heavyweight only).

While doing heavyweights, keep breathing fast while moving the weight up and keep breathing while coming down, this will allow you to hold the weight.

After applying heavyweight, it is very important to take care of breath movement while exercising. Wherever the weight is to be pushed, the breath will also be pushed.

If you are fond of bodybuilding then leave water and salt thoughtfully. Consult a health expert.

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