Bicep Workouts – Advanced Bicep Curl

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Bicep Workouts – Advanced Bicep Curl

Bicep Curl X is a great exercise for health. In this exercise, the hands, as well as the legs, are also exercised.
Bicep is excellent for strengthening muscles.

According to master trainer Jason Makkaredi, in this exercise, the hands, as well as the legs, are also exercised.
To do this exercise, standing on both legs giving equal weight, hands should be on the lower side and there is weight in them, after that you lift that weight.

The days of T-shirts have come and peeking out of T-shirts. Frankly speaking, this season is like shining like Salman Khan, but what he creates will shine. Today we will only talk about arms.

By the way, I have said many times before and I am still saying that if you want to increase the arms, then you have to give them a chance to grow. If they fall after them, they will never grow.

Bicep Workouts –

Advanced Bicep Curl, today will talk on a schedule, which works on the entire arm. You must be aware that our arm has two parts – biceps and triceps. There are different exercises for both parts.

If we break the muscles here a little more, then there can be a total of five parts of the arm. The schedule we will try now will train those five parts. It will only take 30 to 40 minutes to do this.

Close grip bench press

Triceps have two great exercises, one is Triangle Pushups and the other. This exercise of thick, strong triceps also affects the chest. You can apply heavyweight in it and yes, while doing it, put a good wrist band. Apply as much weight as you can. 4 sets 5 rap.


If it is exercised on the back but with an ose grip, then it makes a great impact on biceps. Close grip comes to the chin-up immediately after the bench press without resting.

Dip bars –

A dip bar is a machine to test your own power. You only have to remove rap 10. So if you are comfortable taking out ten wraps, then place a dumbbell between your legs. Keep in mind – come down so that your shoulders do not sink below your elbow. Three sets 10 rap.

Reverse barbell curl –

if you do it with the EZ bar, then it is finer, otherwise, work with it. The purpose of these three sets of 10 wrap exercises is to target the muscle sitting under your upper muscle. There is no need to go into science more than this.

The workout is good, do it.

Standing dumbbell triceps extension –

If there are complaints of back pain, you can also sit down. You can also do this with a machine with a rope. Sometimes the grip in the dumbbell is not good. 3 sets 15 rap.

Incline dumbbell curls –

big biceps big workout. There is no help in this, so the direct effect goes to the biceps. If the wrap is unable to come out, after bringing the dumbbells down, turn the palms towards the feet. Then, while moving up, carry it straight. 3 sets 15 rap.

If you are fond of bodybuilding then leave water and salt thoughtfully. Consult a health expert.

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