WHY is the body a miracle?

why is the body a miracle

Your body is truly a miracle!

I have to laugh sometimes on how complicated we make things.

The body’s healing capacity is huge and massive beyond our imagination (only because we haven’t yet discovered everything).

Most recently, I tell my audiences that the body is a miracle, and I shared this with Rose-Anne, Chief Editor for VividLife in a video she is producing.

WHY is the body a miracle?

It doesn’t take a vacation. It doesn’t sleep when you do. It is always striving or pushing for that ideal balance and for optimum functioning. This is great news, because if we are balanced and functioning optimally then we:

• sleep better
• have more energy
• look vibrant
• think positive
• are at our ideal weight
obtain beautiful clear skin and more

And on the flip side, you do not experience unhealthy symptoms like allergies, mental imbalances (depression), unhealthy blood pressure, mutated cells (i.e. cancer), blood sugar fluctuations (i.e. diabetes), etc.

Because the healing capacity doesn’t have a voice, the healing capacity doesn’t get even. For instance, when you eat hamburgers and fries, and/or indulge with lots of unhealthy foods including sugars from desserts or just plain overeating, the body doesn’t say “great I will teach you a lesson,” and turn over and sleep from its healing capacity or turn its back on you.

Don’t get me wrong, the body has to work with what it has. Like a construction work force without raw materials, the job will not get done. This causes havoc and aging. Did you know that diabetes can be referred to as advanced aging?

Learn about the 7 Stages to Disease in my presentation to understand why aging happens.

Your health…my passion!

Make it a healthy day!

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