What is a Domain Name? Domain name is the address of your blog or website.

what is domain name system
If you want to access a website, you can access it through a domain name.

In the beginning, all domain names used to be in an IP address. Google’s IP address You can also open Google’s home page through this. But remembering from this is no easy task.

There are millions of websites in the world, you will remember the names of many So a name was added to each IP address. I will call you google.com so you can easily remember. But remembering an IP address is not easy.

Domain names are very different, top-level domain names are dot com, dot org, dot net, and many government domain names. And country wise domain names like a .in, .co.uk, .co.au .UK

Why do we need a domain

We want domains because we can give it a brand name to our blog or website. The brand name is like a brand image. If you search for Apple in Google, you will not see a fruit, you will see Apple’s website.

The branding people nowadays are crazy behind the brand these. If you create a brand domain name for your block, then people will trust whatever you post on your website or blog, even if it is posted.

For branding, you need a good domain name that is easy to remember, be small and the most unique.

Today I will tell you how to choose a good domain for your blog or website so let’s know

When it comes to registering the domain name, the first name comes from the Good reads website, the world’s best and best-selling domain name registration company.

So if we have to register a domain name then we can do it through this. And if you want a better name then I’ll recruit you. Domainwheel Many of you will also hear the name of the domainwheel.com You can get a better domain name through this.


Go to the name domainwheel.com. There you will find many tools to use domain names. Go to where the Domain Name Generator will be there and select your keyword here.

As for which topic you want to create your blog above, you want to create a blog on Android support or on top of cooking, or on top of technologies, let’s look at Android only.

So why do you have to write the search box android keyword? Click on the search button and after that, you will be given a list of 2 minutes, from which one you have to select which domains you want.

So all this is in one of the best domains which are best for a brand name. This is not a free tool, it permits just a few or three-time searches. After that, you have to do the free. You can search a domain for your blog by using different browsers every day.

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