GSAT-30 – ISRO’s successfully launching India’s telecommunication satellite GSAT-30

ISRO GSAT-30 Infohub

ISRO GSAT-30 – India’s telecommunication satellite

The GSAT-30, the communications satellite of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), has been successfully launched. It is expected to revolutionize the Internet world. Even the 5G network is not far away. At the same time, it will play an important role in predicting climate change. ISRO’s GSAT-30 European heavy rocket Ariane-5 ECA was dropped off at ISRO’s air-launch on the northeast coast of South America at 2.35 am on Friday.

This is ISRO’s first mission of 2020 this year. Tell us that the GSAT-30 communication satellite will replace the INSAT-4A, which was launched in 2005. It will help improve India’s telecommunication services.

GSAT-30 is a telecommunications satellite designed and built by ISRO. This will work in place of the Insat Satellite. This will increase the ability to provide communication links to state-run and private service providers.

It weighs around 3100kg. It will continue to work for 15 years after launch. It will be installed in the Geo-Elliptical Orbit. It will have two solar panels and a battery which will give it energy. This is the 107th Arian 5th mission. The company has completed 40 years.

Currently, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has plans to launch 25 satellites, including the Aditya-L1 satellite. There are plans to launch the Aditya L1 mission by mid-2020.

Explain that this mission can play an important role in understanding and predicting climate change on earth. ISRO launched six launch vehicles and seven satellite missions last year.

Here are the features of the GSAT-30

The launch of GSAT-30 will further strengthen the country’s communication system. With the help of this, new Internet technology is expected to be introduced in the country. With the help of this satellite, the country’s communication system, television broadcast, news management via satellite, geospatial facilities for the society, weather information and forecast, disaster information and investigation and rescue operations will be greatly enhanced.

GSAT-30 will revolutionize the Internet world

The country’s old communications satellite ‘Insat Satellite’ is coming to an end. The new technology of the Internet is coming to the country. Optical fibers are being laid. Work on 5G technology is underway. Because of this, more powerful satellites were needed. The GSAT-30 satellite will meet these requirements.

ISRO will launch ten satellites this year

At the same time, ISRO is working on a plan to launch about 10 satellites in 2020, according to ISRO chairman Siwan. The Aditya L1 mission will be launched in mid-2020. This mission is being worked on very fast. This mission will play an important role in understanding and predicting climate change on earth.

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