MIMO (multiple input, multiple output)


MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) is an antenna technique for wireless communication, in which many antennas are used on both the source (transmitter) and the destination (receiver).

At each end of the communication circuit, the antennas are combined to reduce errors and customize data speed. MIMO is one of many forms of smart antenna technology, other MISO (multiple inputs, single output) and SIMO (single input, multiple output).

In traditional wireless communications, a single antenna is used at the source, and another single antenna is used at the destination. In some cases, it gives rise to problems with multipath effect.

When an electromagnetic field (EM field) meets obstructions such as hills, canyons, buildings and utility wires, wavefrents are scattered, and in this way, they take many paths to reach the destination.

Due to the delay of the scattered parts of the signal, there are problems like fading, cut-out (cliff effects), and intermittent reception (Picket Fencing).

In digital communication systems such as wireless internet, this can cause a decrease in data speed and an increase in the number of errors. The use of two or more antennas with multiple signals (one for each antenna) on source and destination eliminates the problem caused by multipath wave propagation, and can even take advantage of this effect. is.

MIMO technology has generated interest due to digital applications such as DTV, Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) and its potential applications in mobile communications.

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