Benefits of soaked almonds and raw almonds

Eating 5 soaked almonds and take 10 benefits

Often we have heard from older people that eat nuts. But we think that eating nuts will increase our weight and we do not eat it. This is absolutely wrong thinking, dry fruits are very nutritious and nuts are the most beneficial. Whenever I go out of the house for work for the whole day, my mother puts a handful of almonds in my bag and says whenever you feel hungry eat it, because it has the ability to control your hunger and It also gives strength.

Many times we go to a place where there is nothing to eat or it is not good, in which case this almond is very useful. Almonds contain magnesium, protein, and iron. According to research, it has been found that people who eat almonds daily are 20% older than those who do not eat, that is, they are older.

One handful of almonds contain such amount of nutrients –

Fibre 3.5 gm
Protein 6 gm
Fat 14 gm
Vitamin E 37%
Manganese 32%
Magnesium 20%

Apart from this, it also contains copper, vitamin B2 and phosphorus, which means you will get so many benefits in a handful. It contains 161 calories, 2.5 carbohydrates.

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Properties and benefits and benefits of almonds

  1. Reduce the risk of a heart attack – According to research, a person who eats almonds 5 days a week reduces the risk of heart attack by 50%.
  2. Reduce cholesterol – The cholesterol level present in the blood can be controlled by eating almonds.
  3. Reduce heart disease – Eating almonds reduces the risk of heart disease.
  4. Strengthen bone and teeth – The phosphorus present in almonds strengthens bones and teeth.
  5. Lose weight – According to research, people who eat almonds, their weight is less than those who do not eat. You should include almonds in your diet so that body fat does not freeze.
  6. Diabetes control Taking almonds daily helps control diabetes and does not require insulin.
  7. Boost your mind – Eating soaked almonds daily in the morning makes the mind sharp and memory also sharp. Those who are brainwashed must eat almonds daily, it is very important for special children.
  8. Control blood pressure – Magnesium present in almonds helps in reducing blood pressure. If you have trouble with blood pressure then you should start eating almonds from today.
  9. Increase immunity – You should start eating almonds to avoid daily minor illness such as cold, cough, viral fever. Eating almonds increases immunity in our body due to which these minor diseases do not show their effect on our body. If you have phlegm, then add a few drops of almond oil to the warm milk and drink it, the problem of phlegm will go away.
  10. Keep the digestive system right – If your stomach always gives you trouble, then start eating 2-3 almonds daily, digestion will be healthy.
  11. Beneficial for the pregnant woman – The pregnant woman should use it daily because both the mother and child remain healthy.
  12. Reduce appetite – The fiber present in almonds controls appetite.
  13. Beneficial for the skin – Almond is also very good for our skin, I will tell you in some ways.
  • To reduce dark circles, apply almond oil around the eyes every night before sleeping, they will disappear in a few weeks.
  • If you want to improve your complexion, then start eating almonds. The tanning in the sun makes the hands and feet face black. Start eating almonds, you will understand the difference in color.
  • In the cold skin begins to dry, for this you apply almond oil daily before bedtime, your skin will become shiny, soft beautiful.
  • Use almond oil to make your hair soft and strong sense. Massage 1 hour before bathing will strengthen the roots of your hair and relieve headaches. The problem of loss of power also goes away.

Benefits of Soaked Almonds The health benefits of soaked almonds are almost unlimited. It is no wonder that it is not part of a superfood. Here are some of its benefits –

Beneficial for health

Increase digestion power – Soaked almonds increase your digestive power by facilitating your digestive process.

It is like a boon in pregnancy – if you are in pregnancy then you should add soaked almonds to your diet. It is very beneficial for both you and your baby’s health.

Increases brain power – Scientists have researched that adding 4 to 6 soaked almonds to your diet daily is like a tonic for your brain and also increases the central nervous system (CNS) to a great extent.

Reduces cholesterol – Soaked almonds can reduce your cholesterol level to a great extent. They are basically filled with monounsaturated fatty acids, which reduces the cholesterol in your bloodstream.

Beneficial for heart health – If your cholesterol level is controlled, then your heart will also be healthy. It is a very good medium for protein, potassium, and magnesium, which keeps your cardiovascular system healthy.

Controls blood pressure levels – it is beneficial for people with high blood pressure. Acute hypertension can also be treated with soaked almonds. It has low sodium and high potassium content, which is good for blood pressure.

Beneficial for diabetic patients – Soaked almonds are very good for diabetic patients. It keeps the sugar level under control and also prevents other diseases.

Loses weight – Eating soaked almonds on an empty stomach daily in the morning helps in weight loss. It also contains a very small amount of chemical and organic compounds, which is an artisan in weight loss.

Treatment of constipation – It is also beneficial for constipation disease.

Beneficial for the skin

  • Grind soaked almonds and apply it on your skin, it can be used as a natural moisturizer. If your skin is dry, then you can also use cream in it, so that it makes your skin hydrated.
  • If you want to bring back your sleeping skin or lost skin, soaked almonds are very beneficial for you. It also gives life to lifeless skin.
  • Aging can be prevented easily with its help. Vitamin E and other antioxidants found in it can eliminate harmful particles from your body.
  • Soaked almonds can also be used as natural scrubs, even it is beneficial for the whole body. Lemon, honey, and milk can be mixed and made into a different paste.
  • Soaked almonds are artisans for inflammation. It also relieves itching or burning in the skin.

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Beneficial for hair

Soak the almonds overnight, then grind it in the morning and add a little olive oil to it and make a paste and apply it on your hair. Apply it in the roots of your hair, it will make your hair healthy and soft.

  • As it is known that almonds are very nutritious, and if you take soaked almonds then it will make your hair strong. Along with this, you will also get a lifeless hair.
  • It is an artisan to make hair shiny and thick. Because it reaches into the roots of your hair and makes the hair strong.

Benefits of green almonds or raw almonds

Green almonds are also called raw almonds, many nutrients are found in it. Researchers say that it is beneficial for health as well as skin and hair. It has many advantages, which are similar
for health

  • Green almonds are very good for our hearts. It (especially the skin of nuts) contains many flavonoids or bioflavonoids which increase the strength of one type of metabolite, and antioxidants in our body. Researchers have found that the cardiovascular system works properly, so there is no risk of a heart attack.
  • Very few foods have the properties of fighting against low-density lipoproteins or poor cholesterol, such as green almonds, if you consume it regularly, it controls your cholesterol level.
  • Phosphorus found in green almonds is very beneficial for our teeth and bones. This makes our teeth and bones strong, at the same time, the efficiency of our skeletal system also increases significantly.
  • The sugar level in our body increases after eating food, which is not good for our body, so green almond helps to avoid it. It controls the amount of sugar in our body.
  • Green almonds are very high in antioxidants. It releases toxins from our body and enhances our immunity. Therefore, it can be prevented from diseases and infections.
  • It balances the pH level in our body as well as the nutrients found in it keep our body’s nervous system safe.
  • It also contains more fiber which makes our digestion easier.
    to skin
  • Due to having many antioxidants and vitamin E in it, it removes particulate or toxic particles that accumulate in our skin from pollutants.
  • Being a good dioxide, it keeps our internal system clean, which can cure many skin problems like pimples, pimple, blackheads, whiteheads, etc.
  • By consuming it or applying it like a facemask, it can be overcome by aging problems like wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, etc.
  • Using it as a facemask can also help to avoid the problem of dark skin.

For hair

  • It contains many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which is beneficial to avoid the problem of falling hair. Because it prevents hair breakage and strengthens hair.
  • It not only prevents hair from breaking, but it also increases hair growth. It contains protein, vitamin E, iron, zinc, etc., which are necessary for prolonged hair.
  • It also makes hair shiny. Due to this, the secretion of blood in the roots runs very smoothly, which protects our hair.

Some damage from almonds

Almond is not only beneficial but it also has some disadvantages, which are as follows

Gastrointestinal problems – Consuming too many almonds can cause constipation. Because this fiber enters your body in large amounts. Due to which your digestive power is disturbed. It is also harmful to our stomach.

Drug interaction – If you are on a rich diet of manganese and you are also consuming almonds, then it can interact with the medicine. The reason for this is that manganese is also found in it. And there may be laxatives from the excessive amount of manganese in the body. It interacts with drugs.

Vitamin E in excess – we require 15 mg of vitamin E every day. By consuming large amounts of almonds, it reaches more than the required amount i.e. above 1000 mg. The disadvantage of this is that it can cause problems like diarrhea, flatulence, blurred vision, headache, dizziness, and lethargy.

Weight gain – One of the biggest disadvantages of almonds is that it increases weight. It is important for the body not to have too many calories. And almonds increase calories very quickly, which can lead to weight gain.

Increased toxic levels in the body – this is also one of the major problems. Bitter almonds are known to contain hydrocyanic acid, indicating low symptoms such as slowing down of the nervous system, breathing problems, etc. These components may also occur.

Allergies – This is a very rare loss. But the process of allergy to almonds has also been observed in some people. The symptoms of which may be rhesus and difficulty in breathing.

Presence of bacteria – This side effect is not specific to almonds. But being part of the nut family, almond is prone to bacterial growth. It can also cause the presence of bacteria.

So, almonds should not be eaten in large quantities, but if there are many benefits from it, then it should be eaten in regular quantities so that it can be beneficial rather than harmful to your body.

By reading this article you must have understood that there are so many benefits of almonds and it gives many nutrients in our body. Now you will not consider it as a source of weight gain, but a source of reduction.

Note: This information is given on the basis of various research and study. Be sure to consult a doctor before consuming anything.

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