Reduce stomach fat in 10 days

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Let me tell you today that home remedies for reducing belly fat. Nowadays there is a problem for everyone. If it looks bad to see the fat of the stomach and also the root of many diseases.

Reducing fat stomach

So let’s know that some easy home remedies for reducing fat stomach, first to remove obesity, your body will have to completely identify because the toxic substance present in our body is the leading cause of e-obesity. For the first two-three days to detoxify the body, you can eat only raw vegetables, fresh foods vegetables and juice or soup and eat vegetarian. Drink soup But for 2 days you do not have to eat roti dal rice etc.


Your belly will be ready to reduce fat. After 3 days you wake up in the morning and take two garlic buds and stomach half lemon in a glass of warm water. Those who do not feel like drinking a teaspoon apple powder vinegar i.e. apple in hot water can drink. If you do not like apple vinegar or you do not have any options then you can drink green tea, but if you want to lose weight, remember that you have to stop milk and sugar tea.


So you can use any of these options for any of these three options. After that you have a 40-minute exercise, you can do yoga, you can do a bicycle, you can do jogging, you can walk, You can swim whatever exercises you like. Do you do this by exercising an empty stomach in the morning, you will gain more than three times the exercise. After the exercise, drink half a cup of radish juice or bitter gourd juice.

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