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Internet and technology hub – How the leased line works and type of leased line – Leased Line is a premium Internet connectivity, which usually provides dedicated unintended, symmetrical speeds, full-duplex connection using the fiber channel. It is known by different names on different locations or areas such as DIA line, Ethernet leased line, data circuit or a separate circuit.

PSTN line in the Internet leased line

Generally leased line is a bidirectional or symmetric telecommunications line provided by private companies, which is given on two or more locations in an exchange on monthly, quarterly or yearly rent. There is no telephone number like the PSTN line in the leased line, and both sides are permanently connected. Leased lines can be used for telephone or data services in addition to the internet.

Typically, businesses also use leased lines to connect geographically distant offices. Whatever speed commitment is made in the leased line, it does not have any variations of any kind in normal conditions. Lease Line – Leased lines in different countries and regions have been divided into categories of speed such as E0 in Europe, E1 … T1, T2 etc. in the United States.

In Europe the concept is as follows:

E0 (64Kbps)
E1 = 32 E0 lines (2Mbps)
E1 = 128 E0 lines (8Mbps)
E3 = 16 E1 lines (34Mbps)
E4 = 64 E1 lines (140Mbps)

United States, the concept is as follows:

T1 (1.544 Mbps)
T2 = 4 T1 lines (6 Mbps)
T3 = 28 T1 lines (45 Mbps)
T4 = 168 T1 lines (275 Mbps)

Most countries follow these terms and serve their country’s lease line speed.

Difference between leased line advantages and their connection type – Internet and Technology Hub.

Dial-up ConnectionLeased  line Connection
The connection is received on request, using a simple telephone line.Special line and DSU router are required.
It requires dialling the number given by the server before using the internet.There is no dialing number before using the internet.
Net connections are also deleted when the computer turns off.In this, the Net connection does not break when the computer is switched off.
Speed 2400 bps to 56 kbpsSpeed 512 Kbps to 20 Mbps
Data transfer speed is less than the rest of the technologies.Data transfer speed is good.
The rest of the techniques are cheaper than the medium.The loading and maintenance of the line is more expensive.
Interruptions may occur while working in line.The data transfer process remains in force.
General internet users use this connection.These types of connections are used for simple: large companies or web servers.

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