What is web hosting?

What is web hosting

What is Web Hosting? First of all, I will tell you this, you must have registered the domain name or you should know what is domain name? of your website. Either has to do it Now the website which will open it, whatever the articles in it, there are CSS files, the image happens, all the files that are seen on the webpage. We have to save. This is what happens. We call it Web Hosting.

By the way, we can create a web hosting setup even at home. But for that, we must have 24/7 electricity and internet connection. The speed of whatever we use the internet connection should also be useful. Because, if anyone in the world opens our website then the website should run well.

Therefore, the setup of the hosting server cannot be made at home. There are many problems. As if the internet could ever be shut down, the lights could be shut down, so what we do is another company, which is running a large data centre.

Like Miles Web Company Godaddy is a Hostgator. These companies have seen big size servers. In which all the operating systems are available. So we have to pay for them only.

A server will be given access whenever we buy a server. And we will be able to access it remotely. You will be able to install any software in your browser such as the language of coding, images, files, whatever our data is. We store it on the server.

And then if you visit your website and the server that has our record already. They will be opened directly.

The file that is in the server. It can also be in different languages. Such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, dot net etc.

As if we have bought our domino and hosting apart from that, we have to pay only money from any different hosting provider. The company will provide us with the server. Whatever the account details will be, they will give us. After that, he can do whatever you have to do with the server.

If you are buying the server for the first time, remember that the server also has the type of operating system.

1st One is the Windows operating system server

2nd One is Linux Operating System Server

What is a Windows server?

If you are creating your website in the dot-net language, then you have to buy a Windows Server, But Windows server is a bit expensive. Because Windows Server has to take a licence, that does not have to bring us all.

When we buy hosting, then the hosting company has to pay us at one time. They tell us to make a Payment whatever they said. That’s it only, So we do not need to get any license.

What happens to the Linux server? What is a linux server?

Linux is an open-source Operating System. Most of the websites developed in the Linux operating system. Because its hosting costs are much lower than Windows hosting, the Linux server hosting company will not cost too much if it is taking the hosting server.

This is because it runs on an open-source operating system. Like I told you above. My Infohub website also runs on Linux server hosting.

If you want to create your website in WordPress, Joomla, PHP or Python Language and Framework, so Linux server has a good solution for it. Here’s one thing I want to tell you, Hosting server running speed or uptime also depends on your website’s visitors or traffic.

If you have too much user traffic on your site, Your server may be slow, or it may be hung.

How to buy a server and how?

I want to tell you where to buy the hosting server and how to buy it. There is a company in India whose name is. Miles Web Hosting Company You can buy hosting or domains here if you wish.

Suppose you bought a new website hosting from the Miles Web, and if you are not getting traffic on your site. So you do not need to take a bigger server like VPS, Dedicated Server or Cloud Server.

So hope you understand what is a server .

Now will see what are the server type?

  • Dedicated server
  • VPS Hosting Server
  • Shared Hosting Server
  • Cloud Server

The server is nothing to be seen. The server is a computer like our own computer. Just a few such configurations are done in that. With the help of which we can access it through the internet. Which is connected 24/7 hours from the large internet lease line? That’s why we call him the server.

I can make my laptop my server too If I have a lease line internet connection for 24/7 hours inside my laptop or desktop machine and some necessary configuration of hosting So my website can be hosted on my laptop or desktop too. But its latency will be very bad. If anything happens at night, then my website will be closed, which no user wants.

There are many websites that run from the hosting company’s data centre. And it works only on this. That’s 99.9% of your server’s uptime. It does not look anything in it, everything goes in the way.

Now let’s see what is a Dedicated Server.

Believe it is a company and he made a big server, which has 16 GB of RAM, i3 processor or i7 processor,16 TB’s hard disk, unlimited internet bandwidth. And there is something very different.

All these things are inside the server. And these servers have been bought by you. (The more the cost of the configuration will increase, the cost will also increase) 2 When you bought it in your name, what does it mean, it is the only server and it will be yours only.

You are the owner of it That is, all the world has been made for you only. You can do anything inside it. The whole world is where you are or you have a good internet connection. You can access it at any time. This type of server is called a dedicated server. That’s just for you.

What is the VPS server?

Like I told you what is a dedicated server. Just make this server a hosting company, VPS server. He knows how to come.

The number of RAM of the dedicated server is. Accordingly, they create separate VPS servers in the dedicated server. If you look at the example, the hosting company has a dedicated 16GB RAM dedicated server. Out of that, if 2 GB makes small virtual machines of RAM.

As if the two 2GB became separate virtual machines 8. And then a 2 GB virtual server sold to a user, the second 2 GB virtual server sold to another user. So one by one, eight VPS server hosting companies sold it to eight users. This process is called either the VPS Server.

That means a lot of other VPS servers were created inside a dedicated server (which I thought above), then the server sold it to different users. It is called VPS Server.

What is a Shared Hosting Server?

Shared hosting happens. Has a VPS server. As you did above Man, you had created a Dedicated Server of 8 GB of 8 VPS servers. Here it is exactly the same way. Within the same one that we created the VPS server, we created a small account link and blog.

And the same account hosting company sells to different users. Once again, we understand easily, for example within a dedicated server, we create separate RAM VPS servers. The CPU power is added to it. Then inside a VPS server and we create accounts (Control Panel), Link and Blog, it is called Shared Hosting

When should a shared hosting take place

If you are building a website for the first time, which is a basic or blog website. Or there is no information website that has nothing more. So you should take in shared hosting. Because the price of shared hosting is not high. And you do not have much traffic in the beginning. Meaning 50 to 100/150 people visit your website every day.

However, shared hosting will take the load of your website. But if more than 1000 people visit your website every day, then there can be a problem on the website. For that, you will have to take a VPS server. Because you then need more RAM for your server. Sibiu’s processing power will also need more. Then you will have to take the VPS server.

And if your website traffic is increasing day by day. This means that your website is becoming popular in Google, Bing or the rest of the search engines. So you have to take a dedicated server. Like Flipkart, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram. That’s where 1000 seconds or more hits come in 1 second.

They do not want them to be a dedicated server but rather to take many dedicated servers. And it distributes the whole load, too, in all the different dedicated servers. It is also called load balancing blog and link server. The load of the server is balanced. What is Server Load Balancing or Network Load Balancing (NLB)? Click here to know.

When can a shared hosting be down?

If you take a shared hosting, then it is made inside a VPS and shared hosting. So sometimes what happens, or maybe 10 websites have been hosted inside a VPS. So a company sold 10 shared hostings for different users and that too from the same VPS. So what will happen now?

If 10 out of 10 traffic comes to a single site then loads on that VPS server. CPU power becomes overwhelming. The server is no longer able to save incoming traffic. So he goes into the load. So hangs up.

This means that if you have more traffic on your website’s shared hosting server, then your website may be discontinued.

All these things that are monitored by the web hosting company, manage. If they think that, if you bring too much traffic on your shared hosting, your service is closed for a short time. Which you are told in their terms and condition.

Inside that VPS inside that VPS and the other different web site is hosted. They do not have problems. Because those people have also taken separate money. You have taken money separately from you. So this is all about shared hosting information.

So now we go. And see how to buy hosting.

If you go to Google and will search “Myles Web Hosting” then you will get advertisements around the world such as Miles Web Hosting Company, Hostgator, Hosting King, Godaddy. This is the website of all hosting. If you choose Sils of WebSite Web Hosting Company, it is an Indian hosting company.

And this company I recommend you is the reason. I have been a customer since last 2 years in this company. Their support is very good. If there is some problem with your server or in your website. So here you get support immediately. If you want to pay. So you can do either Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking

So all of this facility is sponsored by the Miles Web Company.

Other than that if you have PayPal’s account. Only then can you make the payment. Miles is the web which is the most affordable hosting company. Which gives nice hosting. If you want you to take VPS, Cloud or Dedicated Server. So for that you have Miles Web it’s Best Choice.

Here you can easily create a server. Where there is no scope for fraud. Well, there are so many hosting companies. Which offer to host in free. But when you take it for free So many advertisements will be shown to you in that hosting.

Meaning that whatever is available will be given in free but in it, you will be shown a lot of advertisements. But if you have to go long-term. And if it comes to some problem. So it can stop free hosting. And all your files, all your hard work, I will go away. And your website will close.

If you want to do a free test, you can get free hosting too. That Miles Web provides for a month. There they are not available for one month, either VPS, but the Direct cloud server is free. You can also use your own cloud server for one month by clicking on this link and generating your email ID and your password there. That too will be absolutely free.

Well, there are so many hosting providers. As is Godaddy, Beagrock is 1 & 1 hosting. I mean here I have seen the VPS server. But he does not give any for free for a moment. So what if you have a VPS or a cloud server? If it’s fun to do.

And you want to know how the server works, how do you configure it? So you can see a month’s free plan from the Miles Web Company.

You can also host your website on this server. And if these futures your website is good enough. Good visit is happening to you. Like if the hosting expires after one month. You also get a reminder email before that. If these futures you want, you can convert that website into paid also.

Not only that, if you have to transfer that website to someone else’s account. You can also transfer it to Izali. So all of the VPS Virtual Private Cloud Server’s Service Miles Webpages you for free for a month.

Right now here I am telling you, in MilesWeb, you give the choice to select that server. They have external countries, such as US, UK, and India.

Linux VPS Hosting with Miles Web

If you want to check the location of BPS with whatever you want in your location, or you want to set according to your country of origin. So as Milesweb has told that their server location is located in Bangalore, New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore and many more places. As you can see their plan by clicking the link below.

For more information, you can click here in miles web

Let me tell you that if you take a VPS, from Milesweb, in addition to BPS and what services and support do you get

All Linux VPS Servers Include & Support With MilesWeb

Full Root SSH Access


PHP / Perl / Python

SSD Storage

rdns / ptr records

Django / FFMpeg / Ruby on Rails

Host Unlimited Domains

Crontab Access

JSP / Tomcat / Java / Node.js

Host Unlimited Sub-Domains

Secure Shell (SSH)

MySQL / MongoDB / MariaDB

Unlimited Email Accounts

Ruby Version Manager (RVM)

Apache / Nginx / LiteSpeed

Subversion Repository (SVN)

XCache / Varnish

Access to Raw Log Files

Ecommerce Compatible

Windows VPS Hosting with milesweb

Now let’s look at the Windows VPS server, which I have mentioned above that Linux is what is in this open-source platform and Windows which is not an open-source platform. That means you have to take the license of everything in the Windows operating system. For that same Windows Server is expensive from Linux.

For more information, you can click here in milesweb

Almost the Plan Linux I have, the same plan is in Windows Server. Just the price is more in it.

You can see the details of what support and services you get in Windows VPS hosting from the Miles Web

All Windows VPS Hosting Include & Support with MilesWeb

Amazon Cloud Platform

Unlimited SQL Databases

Enterprise Hardware

Remote Desktop Access

Unlimited Email Accounts

Premium Network

Managed Windows VPS

Run ASP / .NET Website

Enhanced Security

Windows Server 2012 R2

Run MetaTrader 4/5

Free Website Migration

Windows Server 2016

Supports all MVC Frameworks

Upgrade At Anytime

Host Unlimited Domains

Private Name Servers

Guaranteed Resources

Dedicated Server with milesweb

Now let us see how much value of a dedicated server of mine Web Hosting Company do you have. What other features are giving. You can also check their location. The Miles Web Company offers you to provide two server locations in India. (This work can be more)

If the website registers for the first time, then it can get up to 40% discount. You have 4GB of RAM, Hard Dicks which is going to get you 500GB. You are also getting a dedicated IP. And bandwidth up to 1tb

For more information on this plan and all the other dedicated plans, click here

There is also two types in the dedicated server, which is a dedicated server and the other is Fully Manej lake.

What does the full server mean?

Experts who are Mikhailweb Company He’ll take care of your server 24/7 hours above that means he’ll care for your lake. If your server is sometimes down, or it sometimes gets some problem. If anything happens to your server then those people are responsible for it.

So all those things themselves own the same expert who belongs to Milesweb. You do not have to do anything in this. You just have to order meetings. That’s all the installation, meaning that whatever the server will get relayed it will manage the same.

As if installing something on the server, uploading some data, downloading something, doing some settings or operating the control panel of the server, then they handle all the work themselves. You only have to pay whatever amount they have.

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