What to try to, what to not do to stop the infection – Coronavirus

prevent Coronavirus infection

Coronavirus has sickened many people in China and killed many of us.

This virus, which increased breathlessness, was first identified in Wuhan city. This rapid infection causes pneumonia-like symptoms.

Chinese authorities have kept some cities isolated from the remainder of the country to stop the infection from growing.

It is a time for celebrating the New Year in China, but many major events are canceled thanks to changed circumstances.

We are trying to explain what is going on in China through the following six maps and graphics.

1. If someone gets infected by Coronavirus

The Chinese government has given the Coronavirus epidemic the same rating that was given at the time of the SARS epidemic. This means that anyone within the country who is confirmed to be infected with it’ll be kept isolated.

The World Health Organization has issued special advice for hospitals, doctors and doctors. It has been said during this advisory that infected patients should be examined immediately. In view of infection, the patient should be classified as mild, moderate or severe.

All precautionary measures should be taken to make sure that the doctor isn’t a victim of infection himself. Apart from the use of gowns, masks, gloves, it has also been advised to control the activity of infected patients in the hospital.

2. What can you do to escape? for Coronavirus

The World Health Organization has advised the affected areas to require pre-determined general precautionary measures in order that the danger of infection is often reduced. These measures include keeping hands clean, wearing masks, and eating advice.

People are advised to avoid getting infected by any respiratory problems. It is also advisable to keep hands clean regularly, especially after coming into contact with an infected person, away from domesticated animals or wild animals. Eating raw or undercooked meat is also forbidden.

People infected with the Coronavirus are advised to save lots of those standing ahead of sneezing. Such as placing a cloth or tissue on the nose, keeping a distance from the person standing in front, it is expected to take precautions like regular cleanliness.

The World Health Organization has found such evidence in which cases of close to infected people have been confirmed. The reason for this is that in the case of one person in the family getting infected, the other one takes care of him. However, so far no clear evidence has been found about the infection occurring outside it.

3. Coronavirus Symptoms

Coronaviruses are extremely common. Its initial symptoms are often gauged, touch trouble breathing, a cough or a runny nose. But some viruses in the Corona family are extremely dangerous, such as SARS (savior acute respiratory syndrome) and Mars (Middle East respiratory syndrome).

The virus responsible for this epidemic that started in Wuhan has been named Novell Corona Virus or nCoV. It seems that this is a new breed of the Corona family, which had not yet been identified in humans.

In cases of infection with the coronavirus, it seems that it starts with fever and then an attack of dry cough. If this is the case for a week, then the trouble of breathing starts.

But in severe cases, this infection becomes pneumonia or SARS, becomes a condition of kidney failure and can even occur until the death of the patient. Most of the corona patients are elderly people, especially those that are already battling diseases like Parkinson’s or Diabetes.

Professor Peter Piot, director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says, “The good news is that the corona is less deadly than the SARS virus. More and better information is being exchanged globally than in the past.” This is important because no country can fight a potential epidemic alone. “

There is currently no specific treatment to urge obviate this infection. Doctors are currently treating infected patients on the basis of their symptoms.

4. Coronavirus cases

Coronavirus cases outside China have so far been confirmed in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Nepal, Japan, the USA, Australia, and France.

Investigating suspected cases in another country. Among them are countries like Britain and Canada.

Many countries have taken precautionary measures at the airport itself to see the passengers coming from China. This is being done at major airports like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Taiwan has banned people coming from Wuhan and therefore the US has advised its citizens present in China to require extra precautions.

5. Coronavirus Hubei most affected

Hubei province has become the center of this epidemic. So far, more than 500 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported here. At least 20 million people in ten cities of the province have been affected by travel restrictions. It also has the town of Wuhan where Corona was first identified.

Wuhan is also the capital of Hubei Province. It is believed that the coronavirus started from the city’s seafood market. That is the market where fish and other sea creatures are bought for eating. Wuhan has a population of about 10 million.

The government has closed this city. Airlines and rail services entering and out of the town are postponed.

Chongthan Pepe Bifhovajit, an Indian student at the Wuhan University of Technology, told the BBC, “Every student’s body temperature at my university is being tested every day. All have been given masks. The university has its own hospital and ambulance service. “

Videos of Wuhan are being shared on social media, in which long queues can be seen outside local hospitals.

To meet the growing need for medical services, the administration is building a new thousand bedded hospital in the city. Hubei’s official newspaper Changjiang Daily has said that this hospital will be ready by February 3. 35 excavation machines and 10 bulldozers have been installed for the construction work of the hospital.

6. Most cases in China for Coronavirus

Hundreds of people are infected with Coronavirus in China. Hubei province, which is almost in the middle of the country, is among the areas most affected by the coronavirus. The World Health Organization has warned of an increase in cases of coronavirus infection in the coming time.

Chinese authorities have also taken several steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Travel restrictions have been implemented in many cities of Hubei province and common people have been asked to wear masks in public places.

The Chinese government has closed Shanghai’s Forbidden City and parts of the good Wall of China, even several Buddhist temples. This is the time of the latest Year celebrations in China, the vacations have started every week, many people visit head home.

And at this point, the list of restrictions is getting longer. Currently, the planet Health Organization has not recorded the coronavirus as an ‘international emergency’. The reason for this is that there have been fewer cases of coronavirus infection outside China.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization, said, “Make no mistake. It’s a difficult time. There is a state of emergency in China.”

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