How to stay safe from deadly coronavirus?

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Advisory has also been issued in India regarding the coronavirus that has spread to several other countries of the planet including China.

Arrangements for thermal screening are made at seven airports of the country including Delhi. So that if a person coming back from China or Hong Kong shows the consequences of infection, then it is often investigated immediately.

The danger and biggest thing are about this virus, that it spreads directly from humans to humans. So far 17 people have died thanks to this in China and its infection has been found in additional than 500 people.

It is believed that the infection of this virus has started from the city of Wuhan in China.

No vaccine has been prepared for this virus yet. As a precaution, what is being done so far is just to keep a distance from the infected and sick people.

How much does India need to worry about?

According to Dr. Sujit Kumar Singh, director of the National Center for Disease Control in India, the virus has come from animals like the Mars and SARS viruses.

Within ten to twenty days, the virus has infected 40 to 550 people. The coronavirus which was limited to China till but now has spread 5 to 6 countries.

If they might have returned from there If there’s an opportunity of the virus coming into India, it increases greatly. “

Although they definitely say that nothing can be said clearly about how this virus will react in India because it is a new virus and not much is known about it.

What kind of preparation should India keep?

Instructions have already been announced by the Ministry of Civil Aviation regarding passengers is traveling from China and Hong Kong. Along with this, the Ministry of Health also issued an advisory within the late evening.

According to Dr. Singh, every effort is being made by the government. Every passenger is being tested by thermal screening at the airport.

If any passenger in which the increased temperature will be found will be examined and then will be sent for testing to check for infection as per World Health Organization guidelines.

If a person does not get caught during the airport investigation, then he will be examined in the community. His travel data On the basis of this. If there found any symptoms, then he can directly contact the helpline number.

What are the symptoms of this coronavirus infection?

running nose
Sore throat
Feeling sick
Sneezing, worsening of asthma
Feeling tired
Pneumonia, lung swelling

What precautions do doctors ask you to adopt?

Doctors say that because it is claimed for each disease, caution is best than cure. In such a situation, most are being advised to take care.

He says “If anyone wants to go to China, they’re advised to not attend China if it isn’t vital. And if someone wants to return from there, he should be getting his inquiry first.”

What is the current situation?

The origin of this virus is believed to be in Wuhan city of China. This city with a population of more than one crore people has currently closed in away.

Public traffic has been closed for a temporary time. Those living in this city have been advised not to leave their city. However, it has not yet declared an international emergency at the World Health Organization meeting in Geneva.

What is this virus?

A sample of this virus taken from patients has been examined within the laboratory. After this, Chinese officials and therefore the World Health Organization said that it’s a coronavirus.

There are many sorts of coronaviruses, but only six of them were known to infect people. But after the detection of the latest virus, this number will increase to seven.

Analysis of the genetic code of the new virus suggests that it is more proximal to ‘SARS’ than other coronaviruses that have the potential to infect humans.

A coronavirus called SARS is considered very dangerous. In 2002, 8,098 people were infected in China due to SARS and 774 of them died.

How serious is this problem?

Commonly infected people due to coronavirus show signs of colds, but if the effects are severe, then death can also occur.

Professor Mark Woolhouse of the University of Edinburgh says, “When we saw this new coronavirus, we tried to know why its effect is so dangerous. It is not going to show symptoms like the common cold, which is a matter of concern.”

Coronavirus is a New type virus

These viruses move from one species of organisms to another species and then infect humans. During this point, they’re not known in the least.

This is a completely new kind of coronavirus. It is quite possible that animals have been transmitted from humans to humans.

But why only China?

Professor Woolhouse says that thanks to population figures and density, people here get in-tuned with animals quickly.

Chinese officials say that many such cases have come to the fore, which confirms that the virus is from one person to another.

Officials say that the reason behind saying this is that there have been many cases in which health workers caring for patients are also showing signs of infection.

The biggest fear about this current coronavirus is that the lungs are being affected by all. As soon as this virus is infected, the infected person complains of cough and vision.

However, the figures that are coming out right now cannot be said to be the final figures.

How fast is this virus spreading?

Initially, it was believed that the impact of this virus would be limited but since December many new cases have been reported.

Although this transition started from the city of Wuhan in China, now its transition is visible outside the country along with other cities of China.

There have also been some cases of infection in Thailand, Japan, USA, and South Korea. People coming through Wuhan are more prone to infection.

Experts say that it’s not necessary that each one of the infected people is identified. It may happen that there could also be many such cases that are missed.

It is feared that this virus has reached millions of people in different countries with many people coming to visit China in the new year.

How are Chinese officials working on this matter?

Infected people are being investigated in a single cell and alone in order that the disease is often prevented from growing further.

Thermal scanners have been installed in the places from which travelers will pass so that as soon as someone’s fever is confirmed it can be checked.

Apart from this, the seafood market has been closed for the time being so that cleanliness can be maintained and infection can be reduced.

This arrangement is not done only in China. Apart from China, similar arrangements have been made in many other countries of Asia and the United States to prevent the virus from spreading.

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