City of Wuhan in China – Which the coronavirus spread worldwide?

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Coronavirus – City of Wuhan in China

Although the name of Wuhan city is not taken in the list of cities like Beijing or Shanghai, it has its own existence on the world map.

The place where the coronavirus epidemic began, is, in reality, a metropolis that is connected to all parts of the world.

There are different statistics about the population of Wuhan, so it is a bit difficult to form an opinion on it.

According to government statistics, the population of Wuhan is about 10 million. However, according to UN data for the year 2018, 89 lakh people live in this city.

The number of people visiting and passing through Wuhan is so large that in view of the coming Chinese New Year, it has increased the spread of the coronavirus.

The National Health Commission of China advised people to avoid Wuhan and said that the people of Wuhan should not leave the city, but given the way, Wuhan is connected to the world.

It is certain that other parts of the world’s Cases of infection with the coronavirus will continue to be reported.

Whatever the case, the city is comparable to London in size and much larger than Washington DC. According to an estimate, Wuhan is the 42nd in the world and the seventh-largest city in China.

coronavirus – City of Wuhan in China

The size of Wuhan and its economic importance can be gauged by how fast the virus from this city spread throughout Asia. Even America did not remain untouched by this.

Coronavirus was spread so fast because of a large number of people.

In short words, the coronavirus was spread so fast because a large number of people come to this city and went home with an infection of corona from here.

At the Wuhan International Airport, in 2016, two crore passengers were flown. Direct flights can be availed from here to London, Paris, Dubai and all the major cities of the world.

Situated on the banks of the Yangtze River, the city manufactures everything from high-tech manufacturing to traditional things. There are many industrial areas, 52 institutes of higher education.

It is claimed that most undergraduate students in China study in this city.

Out of 500 major companies in the world, 230 companies have invested in Wuhan. France is one of the major investment countries in Wuhan.

Between 1886 and 1943, when Wuhan Hankou was known, France enjoyed a special concession here. Hundreds of French companies have invested in Wuhan,

There are also some joint ventures. There is a huge hydroelectric project in Wuhan. Tourists also come here from all over the world.

Even though the coronavirus spread from the local seafood market in this city, the people who came here inadvertently gave the chance to spread the virus.

For example, an American man who was found infected with the coronavirus recently visited Wuhan. The two Japanese who were infected with Corona also came through Wuhan. The Korean patient was staying there.

The case of infection in Thailand was a Chinese tourist from Wuhan.

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