Let’s know about the 10 Best Trip Spot of Mumbai

Mumbai 10 Best Trip Spot

Number 1st is Gateway of India.

Mumbai and Gateway of India are each other’s identity The gateway to Mumbai is not Mumbai, but there is a 26-meter high door on the Mumbai coast of Mumbai and is with the city’s sign.

Very rich King George and Queen Mary were on a trip to Mumbai in 1911. The monument was created for the arrival of Mary’s prince. Slaves were the first King and Queen of Britain, who were in India. This is the year when India was made the capital in its presence from the Capital of Calcutta in view of this magnificent grandeur.

While travelling from Delhi and Mumbai, people were still trapped in John and King Mary, some had been prepared in their memory, then the Gateway of India was made. The Delhi court was different, it was one thing that King George and Queen could see only one model of Mary, the marvel of the object in Colaba in Mumbai.

There is also Gujarati architecture on your texture, but it was made to create an extraordinary gate in 1911, and the task of preparing it was started in 1915, but it was ready in 1924. George had a great hand in making this, after independence, the British army came from this entrance.

In this preparation, the architecture of both Hindus and Muslims was taken care of. The Gateway of India, especially for British rule, states that the entrance to the sea is the entrance of an Arabian sea route, this is the place where millions were spent.

The Gateway of India is used to reach the way of the West, but in 1946 history of the British would be a history struggle, the last gate where the last British ship left Gateway. Off India is connected to the Marine Drive. There is a road that has a similar difference on the shore of the sea, it is a place for tourists and photographers. And the right place to earn money

Number 2nd is marine-drive


The city of Mumbai dreams go not to be dreaming but there are lots of places to see in Mumbai. Many of them do not know the history of the place, one of them and our favourite place means the marine drive from Pathway Girgaon Chowpatty Nariman Point is 3:30 km long,

it was decided to start construction of this pathway in December 1915, then there was a state of British rule on India then came from England Lue officials of the East India Company was in moral should like London, Mumbai.

Due to this, he started the construction of Marine Drive in December 1915, he was able to escape the waves of the sea for years and build a strong architect of this pathway of Mumbai that brought the soil and stones from the place around Mumbai.

Construction was completed after 5 years in 1920, at that time it was used to fill 16 acres but only 440 acres were filled with reversed C-shaped size of 4.3 kg Itara an interesting story behind it was a long pathway this pathway called the Marine Drive is hidden.

There was a British battalion line in that area; Marine Drive was named after the parade of Marine Lions and Battalion. The route known as Candice CS was established after the independence of India, it became known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

It was only after 6 years of completion that the Pathway had to be repaired because the waves of the sea were rooting the pathway and it was coming in. 86 L has elapsed from the rest.

After that in 2006, when the repair of Pathway was completed by the government, when the work of this pathway started and when it was completed, its testimony can be seen in the front of the Foundation Stone.

In a sense, this letter was visible from the Western Railway till about 1980, but due to the number of buildings and the number of buildings in the days of Hali, the Railways stopped showing the prices of this place are still skyrocketing.

But during this time, the rent of this place was one rupee. The prices of the buildings that were built on that land are in crores today. If this miracle happened, they will see this beautiful Vastu in December 2015 due to the beautiful and mindful scenes of Arabian sea and beauty of Pathway.

Nearly 100 years completed This year, Marine driver has built a separate place in the life of Mumbai. My salute to Shan Marine Drive of Mumbai

Number 3rd is Alifanta Caves


Elephanta Cave, also called Gharapuri Cave It is situated at a distance of 12 km from the Gateway of India in the state of Maharashtra, there are 7 caves in total.

Among them Mahesh Murthy’s horse is the most famous, Elephanta Cave is divided into two groups, there are 5 Hindu caves in the first group, and in the second group, there are Buddhas. It is believed that sculptures in these caves were made from the fifth to the eighth century.

Who has created these idols, have not been known till date, it is believed that in this cave, Pandava and Lord Shiva have been devout devotees. Some people say that it has not been made by humans because such painting cannot be done by humans.

Earlier, the Elephanta island was known as the whole or complete. At that time this region was the capital of the Konkan Moria. The caves and the island have been mentioned by the Portuguese as well as whose rule was around the holiday century.

In Portugal’s traveler Online Scoop Turn’s book Discus of Wages, it is said that in the 16th century this picture was known as Purna. The Portuguese who settled on the Mumbai coast had the right to this area, a huge statue of this island and elephant was located. For this reason, the Portuguese had named the group Elephanta.

There are statues of Lord Shiva in the caves of Elephanta, it is an extended hole, in which the 9 statues of Lord Shiva are in various currencies. In this cave, the idols of Lord Shiva and Nataraja are remarkable as Ardhanarishvar. This trinity is that the trinity of Shiva’s 3 faces is the trinity of Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh.

Let us tell you that during the Portuguese rule, the number of Hindu people on this island had decreased and since then Shiva cave here started worshiping the Hindu people, and even today, the local people worship there here.

After the Portuguese, the loss of these caves caused a lot of damage to the Portuguese soldiers who chose Shiva’s resting place during the course of the target. He removed the duo related to the construction of the caves, whereas some historians have described the villagers as the destroyer of caves

Several forms of Lord Shiva have been painted in the Elephanta cave. The sculptures in this cave have been painted in the statues of Ajanta and Ellora, sculptures have been cut into the caves of Elephanta, besides there is a temple beside a cave inside it.

The Elephanta Cave has been included in UNESCO’s list of Vishwaroos in 1987. This cave spreads in the area of ​​6000 world fiat, it was L Some interesting information about the shuffled cave

Number 4th is Chattrapati Shivaji Terminal

infohub Chattrapati-Shivaji Terminal
Chattrapati-Shivaji Terminal

Best Trip Spot is a historic railway station in Mumbai which is the headquarters of the Central Railway of India. This answer was first known as the Victoria Terminus but is currently known as VT and CST or the most photographed monument after the Taj Mahal in India which is UNESCO World Heritage is also included

The Victoria Terminus railway station, now known as the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, was opened on this day in 1887. A look at some interesting facts and triva about the UNESCO World Heritage Site on this occasion…

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal, also known as the Victoria Terminus, is more prevalent than its Lover or Mitti or CST. It is a historic railway station of the commercial capital of India, Mumbai, which is the headquarters of Central Railway India, designed by William Steven, the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminal Design.

The design of this building was influenced by Victoria and Mughal architect to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus It is considered one of the busiest railway station building on July 2, 2004, declared a UNESCO visvadharma station is built in the Victorian Gothic style

From 1996, Mumbai was known as BT Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus was started in the construction work and at that time it was completed at a cost of 1600000 rupees.

The building of this station is built in Victorian Gothic style. Victorian Italian Italian Gothic The combination of style and traditional Indian architecture reflects

This station is considered India’s most popular monument after Taj Mahal, the architectural architecture of the station, Frederick William Steven, had made some 1300000 rupees in making this station. It took 10 years to build this station in 1887, it was built in 1887.

After the name of Queen Victoria of England, it was named Victoria Terminal. In 1996, the name of the station on the demand of Shiv Sena was declared by the State Government 17th Tabdi was placed Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Maratha warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal name

From 1996, Mumbai was known as BT Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus was started in the construction work and at that time it was completed at a cost of 1600000 rupees.

The building of this station is built in Victorian Gothic style. Victorian Italian Italian Gothic The combination of style and traditional Indian architecture reflects

Number 5th is The Bandra Worli Sea Link Bridge

Bandra Worli Sea Link Bridge
Bandra Worli Sea Link Bridge

Bandra Worli Sea Link, which connects the Parli located on Bandra and the southern end, situated on the western edge of the magnificent Mumbai. Zoya makes the journey of the people there, this is a land shawl DJ

Bandra Worli Sea Link, which is also officially known as Rajiv Gandhi Sealing, was inaugurated by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi on June 30, 2009, but it was opened from midnight on July 1, Which is connected to Bandra from both the western and western parts of Mumbai, which is located in the south Mumbai’s streets

Its total length is 5600 kilometers. Did you know Bandra Worli Sea Link is the third tallest flower in the country above 5575 meters? The construction work of this bridge was started by the Maharashtra State Road.

Development Corporation, MSRDC and the Hindustan Construction Company had made it Its total cost was approximately US $ 250 million on June 30, 2009, to reduce the stomach before the eight lanes of full 4-lane were opened on March 24, 2010, all eight.

The lane was opened with the construction of this bridge 5 and 5 kilometres long, the time between Bandra and Bali was reduced from 45 minutes to just 6 seconds and 8 minutes. By October 2009, the traffic of PWSL drug day was approximately 33500 ware yesterday.

Number 6th is Siddhivinayak Temple

Siddhivinayak Temple is Mumbai famous Temple
Siddhivinayak Temple is Mumbai famous Temple

Siddhivinayak Temple This temple located in the city of Mumbai is dedicated to Hindu God Ganesha. Which is one of the best religions in the country?

The Lord Ganesh Ji statue present on it or the dye and the mudi, which is known as Siddhivinayak Temple. Here devotees donate donations every year, and because of that, this temple is considered to be one of the richest temples in the country.

Number 7th is The Red Carpet Wax Museum

infohub-Red-Carpet-Wax-Museum- Mumbai
infohub-Red-Carpet-Wax-Museum- Mumbai

Red Carpet Wax Museum This magnificent museum is located in Ghatkopar area of ​​Mumbai. Which is the wax museum of India’s first international level? This realizes the red carpet wax museum.

Number 8th is Haji Ali Dargah

Haji Ali Dargah - Mumbai
Haji Ali Dargah – Mumbai

Dargah is a symbol of the faith of all religions. It is located on the tomb of Baba Haji Ali fever. According to every devotee who is very popular in the devotees here, Murad Puri is always there.

Number 9th is Essel World and water kingdom

Essel World and water kingdom - Mumbai
Essel World and water kingdom – Mumbai

Hyssellworld and Water Kingdom This is located in the city of Mumbai. And the largest theme park is. Or at the two places is very close to each other. Or there is something left for every Hajj and older people, and that’s why Weekends come to spend time with family and Friends.

Number 10th is Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park - Boriwali
Sanjay Gandhi National Park – Boriwali

In order to spend time in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the cool Hajj is due to being located in the Borivli area of ​​Mumbai. This place is known as Borivali National Park. Animal and deer langur is a species of many animals.

Along with this, tourists or cross-film world can see the statues of many celebrities associated with sports and politics. This museum is open from 10:00 in the morning.

Nearly 45,000 passes through the passes, passing through the passes every day, this half-a-half kilometer long bridge is considered the country’s largest bridge mha11, the largest country in the country.

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