13 interesting facts from New York City

13 interesting facts from New York City
New York United State of America 27th largest state The state’s largest city New York City.

Today I am going to write about New York City,  New York City is the most populous city in the USA and the world’s 10th most Population is a country.

I am mention 13 interviews about New York City in this article.

No. 1. New York was made the United State capital but New York was the capital of the USA for only one year.

Number 2. New York is the world’s most spoken language. Here there are more than 800 language spoken people, 4 out of every 10 people use English and many more languages.

No. 3. New York City has the world’s largest gold reserve which is kept 80 feet below ground, its price is about Rs 584750 crores, 7000000 Indian rupees

No. 4 United Nations Headquarters was built in New York City in 1952

Number 5. New York tallest building Empire State was ready in 9421 and it is considered the world’s puzzle skyscraper. From 1931 to 1970 it was the Burj Khalifa for the world, which was abandoned by the old World Trade Center. The Time Empire State Building was the world’s third tallest building with a total height of 440 meters

No. 6. The most expensive hotel in the city is the TV ward nor the Penthouse, you have to spend $ 45,000 i.e. around Rs 2900000, If you can spend so much money, you will get 360 degrees of New York City from this hotel. Also, for the longest you stay at this hotel you will take personal rolls-Royer for that long

No 7. It is a skyscraper in which there is not a single window, the name of this building was made from, it was designed in the architect of designing it without having windows so that it contained nuclei

No.8. If someone wants to set a hot dog stand in the park, then he has to spend $ 300,000 every year. To build a stand of his hot dog in Central Park, you have to take a permit of $ 300,000, even though it may seem small to see the business.

But New Year There are so many customers who buy hot dogs at Central Park, that people spend $ 300,000 to spend a hot dog stand here.

No. 9. The eyes of great scientist Albert Einstein are kept safe in some places in New York when Einstein died in 1955, his brain was kept safe for research, and his eye was kept safe so that They should be practiced but at what place of the city it is kept, the public does not know

No. 10. If you want to live in New York City, you will have to become multi-millionaire because the opinion of an apartment average of 1.8 million dollars in New Year’s Manhattan is one million of every 21 people in the New Year.

No. 11. New York Famous History and Luxury Lifestyle attracts people around the world, so people from almost every country of the world live here. Only 51% of English speakers are there and outside Asia, The largest population of Chinese people lives in New York City

No. 12. The snow that falls in the south pole, 15 times more snow falls every year in New York City, so the work is done by firing in the winter on the train tracks, the work is fired. Friends, you have read up to our block last, Another fat means that

No 13 New York, There is about 24,000 food in illiterate where you can boil one different dishes than one, but the most expensive restaurant here Which is the most expensive restaurant masha of this. This rest is the place to sit for only 26 people. Here is the averMashaost of a one-time question at Rs. 30500

So friends, this was some interesting trick about New York City

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