These 10 medicinal properties of neem are unmatched

infohub spot-These 10 medicinal properties of neem are unmatched

These 10 medicinal properties of neem are unmatched, Neem rich in antibiotics is known as the supreme medicine. It may be bitter in taste, but its benefits are similar to nectar.

Well, neem has a cure for all your problems, but let’s know now, 10 medicinal properties of neem –

If Neem is called a multitasking plant, it will not be wrong. It is used in everything from pesticides to beauty products. From neem leaves to its oil, it is very beneficial.

It also provides many benefits to the body as a medicine. Let us tell you some important uses of neem.

These 10 medicinal properties of neem are unmatched

1.When bitten by poisonous insects such as a scorpion wasp, grinding neem leaves finely and applying it to the cut area provides relief, and the poison does not spread.

2. If there is any type of wound, applying neem leaves is very beneficial. Apart from this, applying a paste of neem leaves with olive oil also cures canker.

3. In case of problems of ringworm or itching, grinding neem leaves with curd is very quick. And the herpes problem ends.

4. In the condition of kidney stones, taking 2 grams of ash of neem leaves with water daily, the stone starts to melt and comes out of the urethra.

5. In case of malaria fever, boil neem bark in water and make a decoction. Now drinking this decoction thrice a day, filling two tablespoons, cures fever and cures weakness.

6. In case of skin disease, using neem oil is beneficial. Skin diseases are cured by mixing a little camphor in neem oil and massaging it on the body.

7. Neem stalks have the properties to eliminate cough, hemorrhoids, pimples and stomach worms. Chewing it or boiling it daily is beneficial.

8. Headache, toothache, hand-toe pain and chest pain are very beneficial for neem oil massage. Its fruit is used as phlegm and insecticide.

9. Neem Datun strengthens the teeth and also eliminates pyorrhea. After making a decoction of neem leaves and rinse it, the teeth and gums remain healthy, and bad smell does not come from the mouth.

10. If there is nail pimples on the face, applying neem bark in water is beneficial. Apart from this, coating of neem leaves also kills the germs of skin disease. Applying skin in neem oil and camphor is also beneficial.

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