Almond: A true winter companion, learn 20 qualities

Advantages and Disadvantages of almonds

Almond is a delicious dryfruit. Its nutritious qualities not only make it beautiful, but in terms of health, they are no match. Let’s know its qualities that will prove beneficial for you this winter-

1. Almonds basically contain a mixture of protein (16.5 percent) and oil (41 percent).

2. Regardless of the form of almond consumed, it is certain that the person gets the full benefit of their therapeutic properties.

3. This major source of balanced diet is said to be the most healthy nuts. In natural healing systems such as Unani, almond, especially almond oil, is considered a healthy tonic for the whole family.

4. Effective in the treatment of anemia (due to the iron and vitamins present in it) Almond has also been found to be very effective in treating mental fatigue, constipation, impotence and breathing disorders.

5. Constipation is eliminated by almond oil and it makes the body strong. Ideal tonic almond oil for the whole family can be consumed as a food additive.

6. It is helpful in removing stomach problems as well as in bowel cancer.

7. Regular intake of almond almond oil reduces cholesterol. That is, it is also good for heart health.

8. Almond is a nutrient for the brain and nervous systems.

9. Almond makes the body strong.

10. Ideal tonic almond oil can be consumed as a super food for the whole family.

11. It enhances intellectual energy, enhances longevity.

12. The use of almonds improves the complexion and brightens the lifeless skin. Wet almond paste is also considered to be the best for returning lost skin moisture.

13. Pure almond oil relieves stress. Eyesight and also relieves muscle pain.

14. Almond oil rich in vitamin D also contributes to the development of children’s bones.

15. Dandruff is removed by almond oil and it is also effective in hair care. The vitamins and minerals present in it make the hair shiny and healthy.

16. Whether almond oil is used outside or consumed, it proves helpful and useful in every respect.

17. Taking 5-10 ml almond oil in 250 mg lukewarm milk every night is beneficial.

18. You can also apply almond oil to soften dry skin.

19. Applying almond oil 2-3 hours before bathing is ideal. Massaging almond oil once a week is beneficial.

20. Massage of almond oil is not only good for hair, but also beneficial in brain development.

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