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Fig Advantage and disadvantages, Fig is a dry fruit that is very useful for strength as well as health, but like everything else, its excessive damage to the body. Let us discussed the following are the advantages and disadvantages of figs.

13 Advantages of figs

1) The first advantage of Fig. Figs should be eaten regularly, the digestive system becomes strong, soak the fig in ghee overnight and eat it the next morning. You will benefit a lot. You can eat it by mixing it with honey.

It contains a high amount of fiber which is very beneficial for the digestive system

2) Heart-related diseases are caused by increased triglycerides. Fig has the property of reducing it. Due to its shortness, the heart keeps doing the right thing.

3) Figs contain antioxidants that do not allow free radicals to form, which keeps the heart-healthy. fig contains fiber, which reduces appetite and increases metabolism. Because of this, the weight starts to decrease.

4) The potassium, omega 3, and 4 fatty acids and fiber present in figs help control high blood pressure.

5) Fig contains antioxidants that eliminate free radicals and they survive many diseases

6) In this, the intake of iron, zinc, calcium, It also increases fertility. Some people believe that eating figs also cures infertility. Tonsils are cured by eating it. Consumption of this makes the immune system strong and prevents disease.

7) Eating fruits leaves keeps blood sugar in controlling Those who regularly eat figs are less at risk of breast cancer or stomach cancer.

8) Its seeds contain mucin which removes all the toxins and dirt from the stomach. Its consumption strengthens the immunity system and prevents disease

Figs removes physical weakness

9) The use of figs removes physical weakness. If you feel physical weakness, you can use figs. Figs are considered to be very beneficial for overcoming physical weakness.

For this, you have to consume 1 fig daily. This makes the body healthy. Put 1 or 2 dried figs in water overnight. Eat it in the morning. It gives strength to the body.

10) Benefits of figs in oral diseases Figs help in curing many oral diseases. Make a decoction by grinding dried figs to cure mouth-related diseases. Gargle with it.

This cures pimples inside the mouth The benefits of figs in respiratory diseases

11) People who suffer from respiratory problems may benefit from figs. Such people make a decoction by breaking the soft branches of figs.

Drinking it in 10 to 20 ml amount is beneficial in respiratory diseases. If children have respiratory problems, grind dried figs in sugar and vinegar. Feed it to children. This gives relief to children in respiratory diseases.

12) Medicinal properties of figs beneficial in asthma. Many people in India suffer from asthma. In fact, it is a serious disease, which always bothers the patient.

Consumption of dry figs helps in controlling asthma. For this, mix an equal quantity of fig and Gorakh tamarind powder and keep it. Take 1-2 grams in the morning.

13) Medicinal properties of figs beneficial in chronic cough.
In chronic cough, eat honey mixed with ripe figs. It is beneficial in chronic cough and bleeding with mucus.

4 Disadvantages of fig

1) Individuals with sensitive skin may have occasional irritation and itching problems with fig leaves. An element called furocoumarins in it can cause skin problems

2) The fig should be consumed in a balanced quantity, otherwise the sugar present in it can cause obesity.

3) Due to the special property of lowering high blood pressure, people who have low blood pressure problem should take figs only on the advice of the doctor. Otherwise, it can prove to be harmful to them

4) Diarrhea can be caused by the maximum consumption of fig, Excess intake of figs can be heavy on the stomach which can cause abdominal pain.

So these are above Fig Advantage and disadvantages hope it will help for you.

Note: This information is given on the basis of various research and study. Be sure to consult a doctor before consuming anything.

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