Eat only 2 to 3 figs for 7 days. 18 amazing changes

Anjeer health amazing benefits

Figs contain copious amounts of copper, sulfur, and chlorine. Vitamin A is found highly in fresh figs. Whereas vitamins B and C are normal.

Which is very beneficial for health. It is not that only men can consume it. Everyone can consume it. Fig is a fruit. Which is also consumed after drying. Usually, fig fruit is not available in every season but its dry fruits are easily available.

Consuming 5-6 figs daily can save you from many diseases. Learn about its other benefits as well as the know-how to consume.

Fig is useful in these diseases

1. Constipation

Boil 3 to 4 ripe figs in milk and eat it before going to bed at night and consume the same milk from above. It is beneficial in constipation and piles.

  • Taking 10 grams of Majoon fig before bed is beneficial in constipation.
    Boil figs 5 to 6 pieces in 250 ml water, filtering the water and drinking it provides relief in constipation.
  • Soak 2 figs in water at night and chew it in the morning and eat, drinking water from above makes the stomach clear.
  • Put 4 grains of fig in water at night. Mash those grains a little in the morning and drink water
  • Diarrhea comes due to eating 2 to 4 fruits of figs. While eating, keep in mind that the milk coming out of it should not be applied to the skin because this milk can cause irritation and smallpox.
  • Constipation does not occur due to the use of honey with figs while eating food.

2. Asthma

  • It is beneficial to eat figs in asthma which brings out phlegm. It brings out phlegm and the patient gets relief soon.
  • Feeding a few figs daily makes stool clean and regular in chronic constipation. Eating 2 to 4 dried figs in milk in the morning and evening reduces the quantity of phlegm, brings new power to the body, and reduces asthma (asthma) disease.

3. Excess of thirst

Take figs when you are thirsty again and again.

4. Mouth ulcers

  • Applying fig juice on the mouth ulcers provides relief.
  • Soak fig milk soaked in cotton and press it on the sore tooth.
  • Taking milk from fig plant and soaking cotton in that milk, keeping it under rotting teeth, kills teeth worms and eradicates toothache.

5. Excess of urine

Eating 4 to 5 figs, chewing 10 grams of black sesame, relieves this pain.

6. Acne

Apply raw fig milk on pimples 3 times.

7. Various skin diseases

  • It is beneficial to apply raw fig milk to all skin-related diseases.
  • Applying milk to figs cures days (itchy pimples) and ringworm.
  • Eating figs with almonds and date dates, cure ringworm, itchy pimples, and all skin diseases.

8. Weakness

  • Chew ripe figs with an equal amount of fennel and eat it. Regularly taking it for 40 days cures physical weakness.
  • Boil figs in milk and eat boiled figs and drink the same milk, it increases strength and blood also increases.

9. For blood growth and purification

Boil 10 dry grapes and 5 figs in 200 ml milk and eat. Then drink the same milk from above. This causes blood disorders.

10. Power boosters

Boil dried fig pieces and peeled almonds in hot water. After drying it, mix equal quantities of granulated sugar, ground cardamom, saffron, chironji, pistachios, and almonds and leave it in the cow’s ghee for 8 days. Later, drink up to 20 grams daily in the morning. This medicine is very beneficial for the empowerment of young children.

11. Swollen tongue

Prepare a decoction of dried fig and apply it to the throat and tongue swelling.

12. White leprosy

  • Grind the bark of the fig tree with water, then heat it by adding 4 times ghee to it. White leprosy is consumed by consuming it with the ash of hartal.
  • After removing milk from the raw fruits of figs, applying it on white stains continuously for 4 months, these stains disappear.
  • Applying juice of fig leaves on white leprosy (white spot) in the morning and evening is beneficial.
  • Grind figs and mix in lemon juice and apply on the white stain, it provides relief.
  • Inflammation within the throat: Boiling dried figs in water and applying it on the throat ends swelling.

13. Respiratory disease

  • Taking 5-5 grams of figs and Gorakh tamarind (Jungle Jalebi) in the morning and taking it daily in the morning ends heartburn (blockage of the heartbeat) and dyspnea.
    body heat
  • Take the ripe fig, peel it and make two incisions face to face. Fill sugar in these incisions and keep it in dew at night. Eating this type of fig in the morning every day for 15 days removes body heat and increases blood circulation.

14. Common cold

Boil 5 figs in water and filter it and drink this water in hot morning and evening, it provides relief in catarrh.

15. Lung disease

In lung diseases, boil five figs in a glass of water and filter it and drink it twice a day.

16. Bleeding gums

Boil figs in water and rinse them twice daily with this water. This stops the blood coming from the gums and stops smelling from the mouth.

17. Cough

  • Dry cough is cured by taking figs. Fig benefits the patient with chronic cough because it keeps the mucus thin and keeps it out.
  • By eating 2 fig fruits with mint, the phlegm deposited on the chest will be removed gradually.
  • Cough is cured by drinking a decoction of ripe figs.

18. Piles (haemorrhoids)

  • Put 3-4 grains of dried fig in water in the evening. Crushing those figs in the morning and eating an empty stomach daily in the morning is useful to cure hemorrhoids.
  • By eating figs with gulakanda on an empty stomach every morning, it is easy to defecate (feces) during defecation.
  • By eating figs with gulakanda on an empty stomach every morning, it is easy to defecate (feces) during defecation.

Note: This information is given on the basis of various research and study. Be sure to consult a doctor before consuming anything

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