Artificial intelligence and robotics.

Artificial intelligence and

Artificial intelligence and robotics, since the invention of computers or machines

Basics of artificial intelligence slideshare: Artificial intelligence and robotics Since the invention of computers or machines, their ability to do various tasks are increasing rapidly. Man has developed the power of computer systems in terms of reducing size in relation to its various working domains, their increasing speed and time over time.

Artificial intelligence and robotics is a technology that is used every day to research, it can be used in many ways, you must have heard about this technology artificial intelligence but artificial intelligence will be hard for you. |

The invention of computers or machines

What is artificial intelligence and robotics

Artificial intelligence is designed in such a way that it can think like humans, Artificial Intelligence is a way to create such a computer, robot, or such software that can act like human beings.

The way the human brain works, artificial intelligence is created in the same way, in the same way, artificial intelligence has given human properties in the same way that they can do better work in this way in a machine like setting a program It happens that he could do any kind of work like human intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has all the Robotics Process, Artificial Intelligence also has the ability to work in Speed, plus Data Store, it also improves the mistakes made by humans, so that it is used more in large companies.

Artificial Intelligence and robotics Ke Janak

John Mccarthy (John McCarthy) is said to be the father of Artificial Intelligence, he told about this technology in 1956, John Mccarthy was an American Computer Scientist.

There are many uses of Artificial Intelligence, it is used in a variety of ways about which we are telling you further

Applications of Artificial Intelligence and robotics

Artificial intelligence is also used in some research such as-

In the 1. Space Research Center (Nasa), it helps in reducing any type of mistakes.

2. It is multitasking and Artificial Intelligence has the ability to work more than humans, they accomplish the task in more speed, which humans can not.

  1. Artificial intelligence and robotics also help in education, with the help of Artificial Intelligence Tutors students can solve their problems at home only.
  2. Most of the artificial intelligence is being used in Use Healthcare, big companies are now using Artificial Intelligence in Hospitals, among them the most famous Healthcare Technology, named IBM Watson
  3. Artificial Intelligence is also being used in Use Manufacturing, where many people were required to do any work, now with the help of Artificial Intelligence, work is being done in less time and better.

Strong Artificial Intelligence and robotics

The intelligence level of this type of artificial intelligence is similar to that of the human intelligence, which means that the human being can do the job easily if it is given any difficult task, it can easily remove the solution. Is there.

What is Intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence SlideShare 2019

1) Error Reduction:
Artificial Intelligence helps us to reduce the error and increases the chances of achieving accuracy with more Accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence is used in various studies such as the search for space. Information is filled in the Intelligent Robot and space is sent to explore.

2) Reasoning:
For the reason, to give proper context to the situation. Contexts are classified as either catalyst or inductive. Here’s an example of “The Samir should be in a museum or cafe. She is not in the cafe; That’s why he is in the museum “.

There are many ways to learn in Artificial Intelligence. The easiest is to learn from trials and errors. For example, to solve the problem of chess, a simple computer program, until the checkmate is given, trials the randomly move. This program then stores these movements, so that next time the computer faces the same situation, then it will remember this solution.

3) Problem-solving:
Tactical troubles in artificial intelligence can be marked as a systematic search through a series of potential tasks to reach some predefined goals or solutions.

A general-purpose technique used in AI is the meaning and analysis – between-step-by-step or incremental, current state and final round are intermittent.

The program selects the action from the action key list. In the case of a simple robot, pickup, pulldown, MOVE FORWARD, MOVE BACK, MOVE LEFT, and MOVE RIGHT is not achieved until the goal is achieved.

4) Perception:
Cognition is scanned through various sensory organs, genuine or artificial and the scene is dissociated into different objects in different location-related relation.

The analysis is complicated because the objects are different from different angles.

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence Slideshare

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence and robotics :

1) Error Reduction:
Artificial Intelligence helps us to reduce the error and increases the chances of achieving accuracy with more Accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence is used in various studies such as the search for space. Information is filled in the Intelligent Robot and space is sent to explore.

Since they are metal made machines, they are more resistant and have more capacity to bear space and dangerous environment.

2) Faster Decisions:
Using Artificial Intelligence can help in making rapid decisions and taking action quickly.

 3) Taking Risks On Behalf Of Humans:
Artificial Intelligence is used in mining and other fusion exploration processes. Not only this, but these complex machines can also be used for the search of sea level because they are beyond the limit of the human.

4) Daily Application:
Computed methods for automated logic, learning and perception have become a common phenomenon in our everyday lives.

Cortana or Siri in Windows 10 is always ready to help us. We rely on road maps for long driving and travel with the help of GPS.

 5) Digital Assistants:
Excessive Advance Organizations use ‘avatars’, which are replicas or digital assistants. Who can actually interact with the users, and save the need for the humane resources.

Artificial Intelligence, full of artificial ideas, does not get distracted by emotions. In the absolute absence of the emotional side, robots are made rational and this program makes the right decision.

6) Repetitive Jobs:
Repetitive works are done with machine intelligence, which humans can not afford. Machines can think fast and they are multitasking.

Machine Intelligence can be employed to do dangerous tasks. Their parameters, in contrast to humans, can be adjusted. Their speed and time are only based on the parameter. When humans play computer games or run computer control robots, then we are actually communicating with Artificial Intelligence.

 7) No Breaks:
Unlike humans, machines do not require continuous comfort and refraction. They are programs for long hours and neither bore or distract or tired.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence and robotics :

1) High Cost:
Construction of Artificial Intelligence requires huge cost because they are very complex machines.

Heavy costs are required for their repair and maintenance.

2) Job losses:
There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is replacing many low-skilled jobs. Of course, robots have already snatched many jobs on the assembly line – but now they can increase to a new level. For example, the driver’s car concept, which can replace the requirement of millions of Halloween drivers.

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