The Truth of Artificial Intelligence Future with the experiment by Facebook and Facebook was shocked.


Artificial Intelligence Future

Many of the world’s work is getting faster with increasing technology using Artificial Intelligence Future. From small kills to big ships, we got everything from growing technology.

Every day a new thing is being created in the world. Although this growing technician has done us so much that our needs are met.

But the more technology proves to be good for us, the same is dangerous for us. The biggest reason for this is Artificial Intelligence.

Techniques have increased a lot in the world. Most of our work do robots. Because they work faster than human beings. Most of them want this, such robots that they clean our house. Talk to a robot Play with some children and do many things

But some people will not know how robots can prove to be a threat to us. Although Facebook is the largest company in the world. The Artificial Intelligence that used to start a new project has been used. Artificial Intelligence is such a robotic species.

Nero Intelligence, General Intelligence and Super Intelligent

That understand the environment around them and walk accordingly. Artificial Intelligence is of three types. I tell you the details of NI, GI, and SI that is Nero Intelligence, General Intelligence and Super Intelligent.

Your Norman comes from all the Artificial Intelligence from Google Chrome to a self-driving car. So far, we are confined to NI ie Artificial Narrow Intelligent, because this technique works the robot the same way. In the coming years, we will be given the General Intelligence.

If this machine is made to a large level then all humans will become just like the way human beings have the power to think. Similarly and robots can also think of super artificial intelligence similarly.

Facebook had a project

 Facebook had a project that made two chart boards in it meant that two talking robots were made. Those who can talk to anyone and their biggest feature was that they learned to talk to themselves. As it is in Artificial Intelligence.

Actually, these two chat boards were made in humans like Facebook, which could understand the situation and talk to the front and increase trade with them.

Alice and Bob

These two robots were named Alice and Bob, both of whom had made such a way that they could talk like two merchants, and when the research started in the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research Lab, the two robots would talk to each other.

But after a while, there was an incident in such a secret, which would be a surprise to anyone seeing.

Both the roots of Facebook started talking among themselves in code language which they themselves designed. Understanding this was not the case with the human being, it could only understand the machine.

Robots Creating his own language

He started talking to both robots in his own language and what the two were talking about each other. He did not know anyone but was the beginning of danger for us.

Right now he had just started talking in his language, but the fear was that he would upgrade himself. This phenomenon arises on the Artificial Intelligence Tech Over Theory.

Such an event has been conceived in AIT. In which we can depend on robots for 1 day every work. One time it will come when this artificial Intelligence will capture our world and make us slaves, fear of the same danger has stopped this program at the Artificial Intelligence Research Center.

Because today the program has made its own code language and tomorrow some will probably start making robots like them and a team of them will be ready.

This is the scenario which is exactly like that, as shown in robot movies. When Robot gave the power to think and think, he also came to the idea that I should be the most powerful and my kingdom in this world.

if Artificial Intelligence begins, then one day he will occupy us and this will be the reason why humans will make their slaves. That machine is kept as a diary. So that they did not have the power to think and think, until we came to N and Aji came in the future.

Countdown of human Slavery

Using Artificial Intelligence. There is no greater danger till then, but whenever we started promoting Super Intelligent, then the countdown of human slavery started and there is no doubt.

It will not happen or the way we are making rapid changes in technology, then the day is not far when we will start building the Super Intelligent Robot and they will occupy our world one day.

Popular & Biggest scientists like Stephen Hawking and Ellen Mask also agree that if super-intelligence is promoted then it is sure to capture our world.

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