Why not a body in the gym

why not a body in the gym

Why not a body in the gym, Salman Khan, John Abraham, Aamir Khan These are some of the names that people know not only as an artist but also for their attractive body.

Many youngsters reach the gym with the desire to build a body similar to theirs, but without getting a body, they return disappointed.

Today, at Youth Junction, I tell you why you cannot make a body in a young gym.

Young people joining the gym

Often the young man who joins the gym, as soon as he enters the gym, he sees people who are exercising with big dumbbells. That new person is ashamed to lift a small dumbbell in front of them.

But he cannot lift a big weight because he does not have so much power (stemma). In such a situation, he goes to the trainer and asks about his diet.

In response, he gets advice in the form of body supplement. But the result cannot be changed in two days.

After starting the gym exercise

The poor young man gets frustrated and gives a good-bye to the pain he started after starting exercising in the gym with a discouraged heart.

This is the reason that many youngsters are neither able to build a body in the gym nor are able to do the necessary exercise to keep themselves healthy.

Yes, there are some young men who come for the purpose of seeing gym girls. Instead of exercising in the gym, he spends time trying to placate the girls with his words and actions.

But brother! Just going to the gym does not create a body nor does it have any benefit unless you have a dedication in it.

Do as per the trainer with small dumbbell and low weight.

When you have told all this, then let us also take this knowledge. When you join the gym, just be determined in your mind that you will go to the gym regularly at a certain time.

Begin the exercise with small dumbbells and low weight as instructed by the trainer. Make a chart of your entire exercise. If you do not want to make a body professionally, then do only one body part in a day.

Prepare a schedule of six days a week. It should include back, shoulder, chest, biceps, triceps and legs. Sunday should be a relaxing day.

Allow 15 to 20 minutes of abs with all these body parts. By doing this you too can become rich in the ideal body.

Get you through some such incidents

Now let us introduce you to some such incidents which show how serious the youth is towards Jim.

When Om Shanti Om came, the aspirations of the youth got an inspiration, everyone started looking desperate to build a body like Shahrukh.

Surprising to know you, two to three days after the release of this film, there was no place left to stand in my gym.

I asked my trainer, brother, how many young people willing to build new bodies have taken admission here in the last two days?

120 found the answer. The number that came between this question and its answer is enough to tell how much those who want to build a body reached the gym across the country at that time with a desire for six-packs.

In just two days, Jim’s earnings had broken all his previous records. But before the celebration of this record came to an end, 80 per cent of this number disengaged from the gym.

The reason was that he understood the glory of exercise as well as the hard work of Shahrukh.

Some even reacted at the same time, in which film we have to become a hero, some said goodbye to Jim, saying that brother, we are householders drinking and eating, why should we spoil our health.

Time changed perceptions

Well, over time the perceptions have changed, the magic of Shahrukh’s Six Packs has become stale in the same way that food made two days ago is not stale in the refrigerator.

It was understood here that the youth of today wants to get everything, but they do not have to work hard in it, this is their first condition.

The way the personality enhances when the body is formed, the youths realize this when they interview a hero in a movie. But now, who should explain to these film-goers how difficult it is for our youth to take it.

After Om Shanti Om, another Khan served the new body in front of people through the film Tarasakar Ghajini.

But this time, the people of Jim were cautious that they felt that when the ghost of Aamir Khan was riding on people, why not get a good price for it.

This time posters of Jim were also produced along with the film, in which something was written like this.

Build a body like Aamir in just two months .. I do not know how much this film earned at the box office, but it is certainly known that once again the greenery of the gyms came once again in the gyms.

But from this, I came to know the truth and came to know that this is why a lot of youngsters could not build a body in the gym.

If you are having trouble doing these tips, then initially you can take help of a good trainer.

Knowledge is more important you will get better.

Please make your acquaintances, friends, relatives aware.

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