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Six-pack passion among youth, In the process of making six-pack abs, the use of steroid is increasing the risk of youths’ bones melting.

Bone experts say that today 16 to 30-year-olds are also becoming victims of bones due to medicines and steroids taken in the name of the gym, prolonged exercise and muscle strengthening.

Six-pack passion among youth, Dr Subhash Jangid, Senior Orthopedic and Head of Joint Reconstruction Department of Amaris Hospital.

Said that exercising in the gym to an extent is beneficial in terms of health but wrongly and too much heavy exercise and use of steroid etc. make bones easier. Can.

Dr Jangid

Dr Jangid says that the younger generation has a tendency to show themselves fit and fit.

Fit and they start going to the gym from an early age to give a look like their favourite movie star and without trainers or Start exercising under the supervision of untrained trainers.

Often, standing in the gym incorrectly and in the wrong position, they lift too much weight due to which the tissue of the knee and other joints are broken and the surrounding muscles become weak.

Doing this for a long time causes damage to the knee and other joints.

According to Dr Jangid, knee and other joints are not damaged due to running and cycling etc. necessary for daily functioning.

Not only this, athletes generally do not suffer any damage due to too much running or sports, but often due to having untrained trainers in the gym and lifting too much weight to capacity, the knees and other joints are damaged.

Orthopaedic expert Dr Sanjay Swaroop explains that apart from too much gym, the knee also gets worse due to sitting incorrectly.

According to him, due to the habit of sitting on the knee too much for a long time, there is more pressure on the knee, which causes the knee to deteriorate quickly.

Six-pack passion among youth, This happens not only in India but also in other Asian countries.

Dr Jangid says that apart from going to the gym too much and sitting in the wrong way, bones are also being damaged due to the increasing trend of fast food.

Due to this, the problem of arthritis and osteoporosis is increasing and today, at a very young age, the knee has started changing.

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