Why itching on the limbs? What is the solution

Skin problems can occur for a number of reasons. Most often caused by allergies, skin rashes and dermatitis. This problem can be to the whole body or even to a particular body part. Itching has been thought to be the result of microbes (microbes).

Dermatitis is the ‘pruritus’ in medical terms. Itching of the skin means that as soon as ‘itching’ begins, the floor will often reach the floor until it is shaved. Skin problems can occur for a number of reasons. If itching is frequent, it can cause kidney or liver pain. Of course, the problem of skin etching is most often caused by allergies, skin rashes and dermatitis. This problem can be to the whole body or even to a particular body part. Itching has been thought to result in microbes. Itching problems can also be caused by not bathing for several days, rubbing the skin with dust. Doctors believe that itching is not an independent disease. Other diseases cause the body to become rough and itchiness begins. Blisters also cause itching and rash. There are already four types of itching.

Non-acne itching is a type of itch, which can cause other symptoms. This type of itching occurs all over the skin or around the head, face, feet, toes, nose, hands or genitalia. It is also dry or moist. If dry skin is more likely to itch. If such individuals do not have favorable temperatures, itching begins immediately. In summer, the high temperatures bring in sweat. When coming home from outside, the whole body is sweating. But due to fan, AC, cooler, the sweat dries on the body and itching begins. In the cold, the skin becomes dry and begins to itch, while in summer, nausea begins to itch.

Skin problems often cause itching problems. For example, dermatitis causes skin to swell and itch. The skin that causes psoriasis is immune to redness and inflammation of the skin. Various germs such as chickenpox, measles, lice, pineworm cause itching. Also, if the genital water is not cleaned after urination, bacterial infections can cause itching. Itching is also caused by fever in the head of men and women. It can be high when climbing the stairs or walking on the road, even if the temperature is high. Initially itching is low. But a strong itching causes the skin to become red. Rashes on the skin Itching occurs around the waist, chest, armpits, mandibles and ankles.

Tips to prevent itching

– Moisturizer should be used to keep the skin moist.

– Eating soda reduces erectile dysfunction.

– Use of anti-etching OTC cream.

– In case of itching due to infection, boil leaves and black pepper powder.

– If you bathe the curry leaves by boiling them, it will reduce itch.

– Mixing coconut oil with kapoor and massaging it makes a difference.

– Eating ripe lemons on the neem tree only benefits.

– Consuming tomato juice in the morning and evening reduces itching.

– Take allergy medicine to the doctor’s advice.

– Consume more fruits and vegetables.

– If you have itching, don’t scratch it too much and don’t scratch it.

– Stay away from soaps, detergents and perfumes.

– In winter, massage with sesame oil before bathing.

– Squeeze lemon in jasmine oil and bathe massage.

Dermatological oil

This oil is both home-made and very beneficial. Massage with this oil before bed and before bath can work wonders. Keep the leaves neat, blood-sucked, turmeric, green, bearded, clove, stalk, and soaked in water for five to six hours. Grind it and make it tight. Then pour four times the sesame oil in it. Boil this mixture for a long time on low heat. Only the oil should be left after the water evaporates. The oil should be filled in a bottle. In areas where itching may occur, apply this oil.

If itching is caused by unclean blood, controlling eating and drinking is essential before the disease can be recovered. Eat less salt. In case of illness, salt should be stopped completely. Also fry chilies, pickles, lemon, tomatoes, oil, red chilli, tea. It is an infectious disease that can occur from one family to another. The disease can be transmitted through eating hot foods, touching, breathing virus, misdiagnosed injections, alcohol, gutkha, leaf-germination etc. Red rash occurs on the skin and itching is becoming. If the rash or abscess is removed, the red water is released. If you put some yogurt in a copper pot at night, it will look a little blue in the morning. In the same bowl, the yogurt should be tossed for some time and put in the place where itching is done. A few teaspoons of cucumber leaf juice should be taken in the morning. Eat four to five lemons and drink water over it. Combine two teaspoons of basil juice and two teaspoons of lemon juice and place it on the cotton swab. Cumin seeds should be mixed tightly with powdered water and applied to the place of scrub. It is also beneficial to apply sesame oil in wheat flour and place it in a place of scrub. Applying honey to the place of scabies reduces inflammation. The combination of banana leaf ash and lemon juice on dry scalp is beneficial. Rinse the banana and mix it with lemon juice and apply it as an ointment. Grind the sesame seeds with sesame seeds and put them in a bowl. Squeezing lemon into coconut oil and massaging it also reduces itching. There is also the option of squeezing lemon in a jar of jasmine oil.

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