The minerals the body needs: The entire Ayurveda is writte read and obey.

The minerals the body needs

What is Calcium?

Peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, coconut, radish, cabbage. Sorghum, rajgira, melon, palm
What Causes a Deficiency?
Heart disease, osteoporosis, dental disease, hair loss
What is work?
The most important minerals in the body, which are essential for bone strengthening and body formation.

What is iron?

Dates, figs, raisins, apples, pomegranates, spinach, groundnut, sesame seeds, bore, honey, papaya and fenugreek
What Causes a Deficiency?
Blood deficiency in the body. Weakness, jaundice, or stomach acne.
What is work?
Very important for body growth.

What does sodium contain?

Salt, water, potato, ginger, garlic, onion, pepper, spinach, apple, caramel
What Causes a Deficiency?
Problems associated with blood pressure, insomnia, pain, indigestion, diseases like piles, cataracts, deafness, stiffness of hands and feet.
What is work?
Just as the body produces the digestive chemicals it needs, the gas in the body is wasted.

What is Iodine?

Shrimp, cucumber, cabbage, rajgira, asparagus, salt and garlic. What Causes a Deficiency?
Thyroid problems, hair loss, depression or anxiety.
What is work?
Works to protect the brain from toxins produc when you remember to drink. Alcohol will be discharged within 3/3 months.\n8. Eyesight:\nApply cows to the eyes. Relax. Keep it close to Kapoor. The infection will not increase.\n9. Stone:\nEat leafy leaves. Eat kulith vegetable. Drink plenty of water.\n10. Youth:\nEat vegetable juice, health drinks, fruits. Drink Green Tea, Guava juice.\nHealth message\nBalanced diets are the cure.\nArticle is big, but vital\nSource – Based on the texts of Rishi Sushrut and Vagabhata, the inventor of Ayurveda and the world\’s first surgeryed in the body.

What is Potassium?

All kinds of grains, pulses, oranges, pineapple, bananas, potatoes, lemons, almonds.

What Causes a Deficiency?

Acidity, skin rashes or acne, skin diseases, hair loss.

What is phosphorus?

Milk, cheese, pulses, onion, tomatoes, carrots, purple, Peru, nuts, almonds, millet and chana.
What Causes a Deficiency?
Osteoporosis, dizziness, mental fatigue, dental disease.
What is work?
Minerals do the job of keeping the brain fresh.

What does silicone contain?

Wheat, spinach, rice, cabbage, cucumber, honey,
What Causes a Deficiency?
Cancer, dermatitis, deafness, hair loss.
What is work?
Enhances the function of the genitals and strengthens the fibers of the body.

What is Magnesium?

Millet, beets, dates, beans, milk, lychee, karla.

What Causes a Deficiency?
Depression, sluggishness, stress, lack of sleep, restlessness, psoriasis, blisters, impotence or infertility.

What is work?
Improves cell function. Acts as a laxative.

What is Sulfur?

Milk, cheese, lentils, tomatoes, potatoes, ginger, chilli, apples, pineapple, sorghum.

What Causes a Deficiency?
Reduces rejection, hair loss, weight gain, diabetes is invited.

What is work?
Insulin acts as a laxative.

What does chlorine contain?

Water, beet, cabbage, salt, milk, lemon, avla, honey.

What Causes a Deficiency?
Acidity, ulcers, cancer, and allergies.

What is work?
Sodium and potassium aid in digestion, as well as balance the body’s acidity.

What must be done to get the body’s minerals in the food.

»Never wash fruits or vegetables after cutting. Doing so destroys the mineral water.
»Pulses, rice or cereals should be washed thoroughly before boiling.
»Some grains, fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of minerals. Therefore, such calories should be included in the diet.
»Milk is rich in minerals, so milk should not be boiled too much. Excessive boiling of milk destroys its minerals.
»Fruit should be eaten as much as possible rather than eaten. For example, chiku or apple eat whole fruit.

Blood pressure and control

The number of patients with blood pressure is increasing day by day. Patients with this disease are also on the rise in India due to fast food and irregular routines in stressful life. Blood pressure is more likely to cause heart disease, stroke. Blood pressure patient has to take medication daily.

Today we are going to give you some home remedies. If you also suffer from blood pressure, you should try this home remedy. These measures will keep your blood pressure under control.

1. Garlic

Garlic is a medicinal drug for patients with blood pressure. It contains a principle called elysine, which increases the concentration of nitric oxide and it relaxes your muscles. The blood pressure helps ease the dialysis and systolic function. Because of this, blood pressure patients must eat a garlic clove daily.

2. Shaggy

It is rich in protein and vitamins as well as mineral salts. According to one research, the leaf extract of this plant has a positive influence on the blood pressure’s dialysis and systolic function. Blood pressure patient should consume legumes with lentils.

3. Barley

In algae, alpha linolenic acid is abundant. It is one of the important omega-3 fatty acids. Various research has shown that people who have hypertension should use barley in their diet. It lowers cholesterol levels and keeps blood pressure under control.

4. The solvent

According to one research, regular consumption of solvent helps keep blood pressure high.


Tough, bitter, rough, hot, disinfectant, purifying blood, bile, gall, phlegm.


1. Injury or punching. Apply turmeric.
2. Blood Basket – Take goat’s milk + turmeric.
3. Get cold milk, ghee, cough – hot milk + ghee + turmeric.
4. Take more urine – white sesame + molasses + turmeric.
5. Sounds – Eat with turmeric + molasses tablets.
6. Caviar – buttermilk + turmeric.
7. Fever – hot milk + turmeric + black pepper.
8. Smelling poo – Pour juice + turmeric + honey.
9. Stone (Stone) – Butter + Turmeric + Old Mulberry.

Health message

Turmeric is disinfectant, purifier,
Of course, it is fatal.

Mouth disorders and causes

Waking up, eating too hot, not stomach clear, bile, indigestion, heat gain, immune deficiency. Addict


1. Take the ghee and ghee of the cows for dinner.
2. Eat Gulakand.
3. Smell the elderflower.
4. Mix the milk syrup and conch shells with the mouth.
5. Eat a light diet.
6. Reduce the above reasons. Keep the stomach clean by taking Triphala powder.
7. Do not eat too much as the yogurt is hot.
8. Spit oatmeal or oatmeal leaves or Peruvian leaves or sesame leaves.
9. Perform regular pranayama.
10. Eat stale foods.
11. Do not take all measures at once.

Measures if tongue bitches go away

1. Mix mint leaves and cucumber with sugar and spit.
2. Eat one banana with cow’s milk.
3. Fold the trifle with a stick. Decreases the germ.

Health message

Increase digestion through exercise


1. Burn the coconut sponge and make ash.
2. Take that ash in 1/4 gram pan.
3. Take it empty.
4. Get morning and evening.
5. Eat radish / golden vegetable.
6. Eat walnuts and drink milk on top.
7. Eat raw onion at dinner.
8. Exercise butterfly to prevent breathing.
9. Eat a light diet. Eat cows
10. Keep the stomach clean.
11. Do regular pranayama.
12. Eat fatty foods.
13. Try to be vegetarian.
14. Do not take all measures at once.

Health message

Regular cleansing of the stomach rheumatism, the basic occupation of rootworm.

10 Benefits of Black Grapes, Read and Eat Daily

1. Controlling diabetes, blood pressure

Regular eating of black grapes helps keep diabetes and blood pressure under control. Black grapes contain a substance called resveratrol, which increases insulin in the blood. Eating this grape also helps to increase the blood in the body, so blood pressure is not disturbed.

2. Helps to increase concentration

Eating black grapes helps to increase concentration and memory. Likewise, these grapes are cured by a disease like migraine.

3. Lower the risk of heart attack

Black grapes contain cytochemicals that keep the heart healthy. These grapes also control cholesterol, which reduces the risk of heart attack.

4. Weight loss

Eating regular black grapes can lead to weight loss. The antioxide contained in it helps to remove excess toxins in the body. Which causes weight loss.

5. Asthma Cures

Black grapes work to kill the bacteria and fungi in the body, which cause infections. Grapes are also a good way to fight polio. Black grapes help cure asthma.

6. Prevent Cancer

Eating black grapes can prevent the risk of breast, lung, prostate and bowel cancer.

7. No indigestion

Black grapes have high levels of sugar, organic acids and polyesia, causing no indigestion and inflammation of the stomach.

8. Good for the eyes

Black grapes are also beneficial for improving vision.

9. Become less secure

Black grapes reduce the black area under the eyes. It also reduces the pigmentation on the skin.

10. Helps prevent hair loss

Vitamin E in black grapefruit eliminates problems such as hair loss, hair loss. Eating grapes helps blood to reach the root of the hair, making the hair soft and strong.
Black spots on the body


1. Do regular pranayama.
2. Keep Strength Strong.
3. Keep the stomach clean.
4. Eat leafy vegetables and vegetables.
5. When waking up in the morning, rub the saliva on all the spots. Saliva needs to be washed before washing. This is a tremendous solution.
6. Apply aloe leaves.
7. Drink fresh juice.
8. Apply raw papaya juice to the stains.
9. Boil the leaves of the neem leaves in the bathing water and boil the water. Then take a bath with the same water. But do not use soap.

Health message

Do yoga, runaway diseases. Endless enjoyment. According to dietitian – Rijuta Divekar, Concepts about diet.

What is a planned diet?

Your diet in Indian culture is perfect. Vegetables, grains, rice, mango, pooh, parsley are very nutritious. We look for alternatives to foods other than our diet. So food culture is changing. We must preserve our individuality. We are sorry that we do not understand the value of our square diet.

How To Reduce Increased Fat

If you have discipline to eat and drink, fat will not increase. Growing up will also help to reduce it. Do not sit in one place for 5 minutes in a row. If you do not use the body enough, fat increases. Weight gains by half or one kilogram per year. Understand that weight gain, which means we are getting lazy. Therefore, the mantra of ‘Move More and Sit Less’ is needed.

🍇 Which fruits to eat?

Mango, bananas, groundnut, chiku and grapes are a must in every Indian diet. Across the world, bananas are now being acknowledged to be the best for health. The baby’s diet also includes bananas in the fruit after breastfeeding.

What should be the diet for diabetes?

In fact, the only foods that diabetics should eat are what doctors tell them to avoid. However, the diet must include rice, bananas and ghee. Avoid spacing between two meals, exercise a lot, and avoid watching TV until you fall asleep.

Should I Use Sugar-Free?

Avoid Sugar Free Diet Eat as much sugar as is needed in the diet. Sugar used in homemade sweet treats like ladoo, halva is good for health. Sugarcane and jaggery should not be replaced. Use sugar or jaggery in foods as per requirement. The jaggery helps to increase body heat.

How is the relationship between increased weight and stress?

Increased stress causes weight gain. According to the formula, Fargate, Fargive and Forward, the stress of life will be reduced if you start living life.

How to eat cereals.

We cook the cereals while boiling. So why eat raw cereals for raw? It is worth it.

What oil and how much to use in the meal?

Peanut oil is best for cooking. One hundred grams of groundnut oil yields 5 to 5 percent of oil. The rest of the mice are wasted. The traditional method of making oil is very pure. There is no need to change the oil in the diet. The oils found in bags or containers and on heart-shaped picture boxes are not good for health. Use as much oil as you want. Salt, fried papad, Bhaji are a must have in the diet. Excessive oil will be in the stomach, so it should not be eaten.

What happens if dietary vitamin D is reduced?

The body does not get the fat it needs, so the vitamin D is reduced. If not treated in a timely manner, it can cause bones ache, hair loss, skin stains. This level can go up until you have diabetes or cancer.

Nowadays it is not possible for many to exercise due to the biz routine. Are there any other options for exercise?

In today’s age, we drive a new car, even though it drives regularly. When going out, I ask neighbors or relatives to continue the train. Exercise is the same. Exercise is not an option, it must be done regularly. Many people argue that limbs hurt, so they don’t exercise. But it doesn’t really work, so the limb hurts. Exercise only takes 5 minutes a week. The schedule should be followed by planning the week’s exercise well. Exercise is often pushed to the park, it is not well planned, it is not taken seriously by people.

It is said that you should eat for two to two hours. Is it right or wrong?

When you wake up in the morning, if you start with tea, the appetite of the day dies and your daily routine deteriorates. Eat for two to two hours. In the morning, after eating a banana, we can have breakfast later. In the morning, eat breakfast like dosa, wounds, plate. After that, you can have regular meals after taking a drink like Panam, Kokum syrup before dinner. You should probably not drink water at all, drink a glass of water for half an hour before meals and one hour after meals. Then eat the leaf or rice at night, so you can have a quiet sleep.

What is the right time to eat chivada, ladoo at home?

Chewing and pampering is something we always prepare for eating. There is nothing like the zoo’s versatile thing. Chivada can be mixed with anything and eaten, so Chivada can be eaten at any time. Pampering is also good for around 2-3 in the evening or for breakfast in the morning.

How to exercise with increasing age?

Our body changes with age, but it should not deteriorate. Your routine should be followed regularly. Exercising for 5 minutes a week, if you are active at any age. As you get older, exercise is not required.

It is believed that getting up in the morning and drinking hot water reduces fat. How much fact is there?

When you wake up in the morning, do not mind drinking hot water as a favorite. But it does not reduce fat at all. When we wake up in the morning, we can drink any water from the paddy, ground or hot.

Does using jaggery instead of sugar benefit?

Everything has a certain quality. Therefore, the thing that needs to be used in sugar, sugar should be used and the thing that needs to be used in jaggery, jaggery should be used. Otherwise the taste of the substance deteriorates. Sugar is good. The bad name is bad. Sugar reduces heat, while molasses increases heat. So you should use sugar or jaggery depending on the substance.

What advice for hair, skin.

Diet, coconut, ghee should be included in the diet to prevent hair loss as well as for oily skin. The diet needs to include turmeric. It is beneficial for hair growth.

How is your day?

The day plans according to the city I’m in. Seasonally and locally prioritize foods. Eat poh every morning. Currently, it takes summer and winter because of summer. Whatever you like, eat the same foods. Eat foods that the body needs. Because, what we eat is what we see on our faces.

Start the day with fruit or dried fruits

Eat breakfast, swim, vein for breakfast

Take syrup during meal time

Eat a fruit after a meal

🍲 In the evening, rice in jaggery, ghee, bake or boil

Have a light diet between 8:30 pm

Eating a light diet will improve sleep and stimulate exercise the next day.

Dietary Treatment

In case of further illness, eat the following foods. The ailments will get better soon.

1. Acidity:
Eat black currant, ginger, cold milk, lamb, cumin.

2. Oppression to me:
Peru, papaya, fat / fiber containing food, milk + water, lukewarm, triple powder. Exercise the stomach, press the chin while sitting on the toilet. Soon the stomach clears.

3. Heart Attack / Blockage:
Eat garlic, onion, ginger. Blood clots are not formed. The circulation was good.

4. Dissentary / laxatives:
Combine camphor + jaggery and eat. Drink water on it. Immediately comes the score.

5. Cough:
1/4 tsp black pepper. Three times a day. The cough stops.

6. Basics:
Soak the coconut spindle and take ash pan 3/4 times a day. Good score comes. Ramdev is the solution to the matter.

7. Alcohol Addiction:
Drink hot water frequently. Also, be sure to drink warm water when you remember to drink. Alcohol will be discharged within 3/3 months.

8. Eyesight:
Apply cows to the eyes. Relax. Keep it close to Kapoor. The infection will not increase.

9. Stone:
Eat leafy leaves. Eat kulith vegetable. Drink plenty of water.

10. Youth:
Eat vegetable juice, health drinks, fruits. Drink Green Tea, Guava juice.

Health message

Balanced diets are the cure.

Article is big, but vital

Source – Based on the texts of Rishi Sushrut and Vagabhata, the inventor of Ayurveda and the world’s first surgery.

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