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Myth and reality related to exercise, Seeing your favourite artists in the movies sweating in the gym, you are also motivated to exercise. But not taking care of some things adversely affects your health. Learn about some myths and reality related to exercise

Myth: Exercise should be done on an empty stomach.
Reality: According to fitness experts exercising on an empty stomach causes unnecessary fatigue. Not only this, the ability to exercise also starts decreasing. Exercising even after a meal is not good. Therefore, it is better to take one to two biscuits or sprouted grains with juice, fruit, tea before exercising.

Myth: To stay fit it is necessary to go to the gym.
Reality: Myth and reality related to exercise, The notion that one can be fit only by going to the gym. Exercises like cycling, dancing, swimming and jogging are equally beneficial.

Myth: Due to heavy weight exercises, the body of women starts to resemble men.
Reality: With this exercise, the muscles are strong and the body remains fit, not the body of women becomes like men.

Myth: Exercise for a long time gives more fitness.
Reality: Excessive sweating in the gym will reduce your weight, but you may also suffer internal injuries. It is also important to give rest to the muscles.

If you are having trouble doing these tips, then initially you can take help of a good trainer.

Knowledge is more important you will get better.

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