The Connection Between Hyperthyroidism and Anemia


The relation between hyperthyroidism and anaemia?

The Connection Between Hyperthyroidism and Anemia, There exists a close relation between hyperthyroidism and anaemia and this fact has been proved beyond doubt in various research papers and also from the various complaints that patients come with.

There are many reasons for this well-established relation between hyperthyroidism and anaemia and it could be due to a host of reasons.

First and foremost, it is a known fact that one of the most common manifestations of hyperthyroidism is increased metabolism levels as the oxygen absorption by the cells becomes very alarmingly high.

When this happens, the nutrition absorption levels of the cells becomes low and this, quite often, leads to a situation wherein, over a period of time, the patient develops symptoms pointing to anaemia or poor absorption of nutrients.

The Connection Between Hyperthyroidism and Anemia, However, many doctors do not seem to understand this relation between hyperthyroidism and anaemia because of their limited knowledge about nutrition.

Absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients is extremely poor.

It has been found out that absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients is extremely poor when there is an elevated level of hormone secretion from the thyroid glands, particularly of the T3 and T4 varieties.

So now that the relation between hyperthyroidism and anaemia has been established beyond a reasonable doubt, it is important for us to be very particular in the kind of food that we take as hyperthyroidism patients.

Food items rich in Vitamin B such as clams, oysters and mussels should be made a regular part of our diet. You should also take larger quantities of cheese and milk products because they are rich in calcium, protein and Vitamin B12.

However, while eating milk products, you should keep a close watch on the fat levels because they are rich in fatty substances too.

The Connection Between Hyperthyroidism and Anemia, Since you are suffering from hyperthyroidism, there is a natural tendency of the body to store fat and hence, you should avoid the risk of becoming obese because of the intake of too much milk foods.

The next important thing that should be taken into account as far as hyperthyroidism and anaemia are concerned is the fact that you are at a higher risk of various joint and bone-related diseases because of low levels of calcium in your body.

Though you might be taking in the normal dose of calcium each day, lack of vitamin D because of increased metabolism levels could lead to scanty absorption of calcium into your blood stream.

Another same Similarity between  hyperthyroidism and anaemia 

Another big problem because of the close relation between hyperthyroidism and anaemia is the fact that the absorption levels of iron in our body become extremely poor when we suffer from this problem.

Deficiency of iron, without any doubt, is one of the biggest reasons for anaemia. Hence, if you are suffering from hyperthyroidism and also have low levels of iron in your body, you can most certainly confirm that it is because of elevated levels of thyroid hormones in your body.

There are several research items to confirm this fact and therefore, it is imperative on your part to make a note of this and put yourselves on higher doses of iron, if you are a patient of hyperthyroidism.

women have more risk into anemia.

when looking at the close connection between hyperthyroidism and anaemia and how it affects different genders, it has been found that women are more at risk of slipping into anaemia because of elevated levels of hormone secretion from the thyroid glands.

Women, in the normal course, have some loss of blood in each and every menstrual cycle. If they are suffering from hyperthyroidism, there is bound to be moderate to severe anemia because of the various factors which make hyperthyroidism and anemia walk together.

Hence, patients who are suffering from this condition should be always on the alert as far as depletion of vital nutrients is concerned because hyperthyroidism and anemia, without any doubt, are inter-connected.

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