Jio Fiber 2019 Welcome Offer Information

Jio Fiber 2019 Welcome Offer

Jio Fiber 2019 Welcome Offer – Reliance has launched its much-awaited Broadband Service which is JioFiber broadband service commercially in its third anniversary. He has announced this service to be launched in the whole of India on 5 September 2019.

In this wired internet you will get very high data speed which is around 1Gbps, while it offers access to high-quality content as well, not only that it supports multi-player online gaming as well.

This is nothing; Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani, excited in front of this announcement, has also said that he will provide a free 4KLED TV and set-top box to all JioFiber users.

If you want to know what is the Jio Fiber Welcome Offer, how can you get the JioFibre Welcome Offer? Along with how, when and whom Reliance Jio will provide this attractive bundle. Then you will have to read this article completely to know more details.

Then let’s start without delay and know how you can take the Jio Fiber Welcome offer and from when.

The sequence

1. What is Jio Fiber Welcome Offer?

2. What will the customer get in JIOFIBER Welcome Offer?

3. Jio Fiber Data Plans in Hindi

4. How to do Jio Fiber Online Registration?

5. What is Jio Forever Plan?

6. What will be the cost of 1.5 Jio Forever Plan?

7. Will all Jio Forever plan users get a TV for free?

8. Which LED TV will be provided in JioFibre Welcome Offer?

9. How much speed are you going to get in JioFiber?

10. Information of all services of 2 Jio Fiber Welcome Offer

11. Jio GigaFiber Customer Care & Helpline

What is Jio Fiber Welcome Offer?

Jio Fiber 2019 Welcome Offer – Jio Fiber Welcome Offer means that such JioFiber customers who opt for their annual plans will be provided with an HD or 4K LED Television from the Reliance Company, while along with that they also get a 4K Set-top-box absolutely free. Will be done. This new reliance jio fiber offer has been named as Jio Fiber Welcome Offer.

Jio GigaFiber or JIOFIBER (officially called by Jio) has finally been announced on September 5, 2019, finally announced in India. This is actually a broadband service that Jio was testing continuously for the last few months.

On Monday, at its RIL’s annual general meeting, Reliance Industry’s Chairman Mukhesh Ambani officially announced this new JIOFIBER broadband service. But at the same time, many details such as plans, validity, and its price and other things have not been revealed yet.

At the same time, in Reliance’s AGM event, Ambani Ji has also announced many other services, including JIOFIBER Welcome Offer. It was the most attractive of all the Offers.

What will the customer get in the JIOFIBER Welcome Offer?

Just like the Jio Welcome Offer was launched by Reliance Jio on September 5, 2016, you will also be offered free service in this newly announced JIOFIBER Welcome Offer.

Jio Fiber 2019 Welcome Offer– In this JIOFIBER Welcome Offer, users are going to get a free “FULLHD TV or a Home PC as well as a 4K SET-TOP-BOX for absolutely free”, according to Ambani Ji himself at this AGM event. We feel that getting a free TV is really a great option, but the thing to think is that is this offer available for all Welcome Offer users? Do users have to pay any security deposit to get this free TV? How a user can get this free TV? You will get the answer to all these questions in this article. Stay tuned for complete information.

Jio Fiber Data Plans

  • If we talk about Jio Fiber data plans, then the price of data plans of Jio Fiber has been kept between Rs.700 to Rs.10,000.
  • The price of the cheapest data plan has been kept at Rs.700 per month in which you will get speeds of around 100Mbps.
  • While the price of the top-of-the-line package has been kept at Rs.10,000 per month, in this package you will get the speed of around 1Gbps.
  • All Jio Fiber plans will allow you to access their broadband, fixed-line, Jio HomeTV, and Jio’s IoT services.
  • At the same time, some plans have also been included in Voice calling. Under which you can call any Indian operator for free, Ambani has announced this in RIL’s 42nd AGM. At the same time, ISD calling tariffs will also be from 1 / 5th to 1 / 10th of the industry rates. Which is very rare. At the same time, they will offer unlimited US / Canada pack, which they have priced at Rs.500 per month.

How to do Jio Fiber Online Registration?

If you also want to apply for Jio Fiber Online Registration, then for this you must first sign up for Jio Fiber. Just as Jio Fiber will be available in your area, then your information will be automatically told on your registered mobile number on the basis of a notification. After knowing that, you can avail the facility of Jio Fiber Welcome Offer.

Let’s know how you can apply for the online Jio Fiber welcome offer.

Jio GigaFiber Registration: Click here

  • 1. First of all, you have to go to their official web portal.
  • 2. Then under Jio GigaFiber category, you have to choose your city. Such as Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, etc.
  • 3. Then you have to Pin Codeselect of your area or / Area / Location for registration too.
  • 4. Now you have to fill your basic details like name, your address.
  • 5. Now you have to fill your email address and mobile OTP to complete this verification process.
  • 6. Then you have to enter OTP or verification code again and click on Submit Button.
  • 7. Now you will further contact Jio GigaFiber Customer support executive.

Those who will sign up for JioFiber can also get two bundled devices, but for that, you have to register annual plans, which is going to be announced only after a few weeks. According to the company, complete information about tariff information will be available in their Official Site on 5 September 2019.

What is Jio Forever Plan?

Reliance JIOFIBER plan is priced between Rs 700 to Rs 10,000. Although the price of this plan has not been announced yet, it is being said that it can be announced on September 5. Their annual plan/plans have been named by Jio as Jio Forever plan. At the same time, you may also get to see more than one annual plan option.

What will be the cost of Jio Forever Plan?

By the way, the price of Jio Forever Plan has not been revealed yet. But since it is an annual plan, its price may be a bit pricey. At the same time, Mukesh Ambani has announced that the JIOFIBER plan price range is going to be within Rs 700 to Rs 10,000.

Will all Jio Forever plan users get a TV for free?

It has not been announced yet by the company. At the same time, Reliance Jio has not yet revealed whether Forever plan users may have to pay a security deposit for this or not. All these things will be announced on September 5 only.

Which LED TV will be provided in JioFibre Welcome Offer?

It is not yet clear whether Reliance Jio is going to partner with which LED TV manufacturer.

But its LED TVs can also be guessed by looking at HD or 4K quality TVs, perhaps they can bundle their Offers with Reconnect TVs, which is currently available at Reliance Digital (online and offline) stores.

While the HD-version Reconnect TV costs around Rs 9,000, its 43-inch Full-HD TV is priced at Rs 23,000 and the 55-inch 4K TV is priced at Rs 34,000, as written on their website.

By the way, buying a smart TV has now become affordable in India, as the price of these HD smart TVs starts from Rs 12,000. In such a situation, if this TV was bundled with the offer and provided to the users, then this company should not be too expensive. But before putting our opinion on anything, we have to know what JioFiber is going to reveal in the end.

How much speed are you going to get in JioFiber?

Here the company is probably going to offer mainly two different plans to the consumer. Because in their Pilot Phase it was revealed that they can include two plans which include 50Mbps and 100Mbps plans. At the same time, some sources also believe that their network speed range is going to be 100Mbps and 1Gbps. We cannot say anything about it until it is officially announced.

Information of all services of Jio Fiber Welcome Offer

JNow let’s consider which services we are going to get in Jio Fiber Welcome Offer, while we know about them.

Price: This JioFiber plan is mainly available in two different packages – monthly and annual. While the price of the annual package has not yet been revealed, the monthly plans range between Rs 700 and Rs 10,000.

Broadband speed: All subscribers will get data speed of at least 100Mbps and talk about the maximum, then they are going to be around 1Gbps, it will depend on which plan you are subscribing to.

Set-top box: All subscribers of JioFiber will get a set-top box, which will also have some special features.

For example, Jio set-top boxes are going to be the first set-top box in India which will provide the facility of conference video calls. At the same time, users will have to use their handheld smart devices to make free video calls.

Apart from this, these set-top boxes will support console-quality gaming, rife which will have an in-built graphics card. With this, Subscribers can also become a part of social gaming if they want. Landline: A landline phone will also be provided to all Subscribers, that too for free.

Jio GigaFiber Customer Care & Helpline.

Jio Fiber 2019 Welcome Offer – If you still have any doubt in mind then you can talk to Jio Fiber customer care. For this, you have been told their helpline number below. Jio Fiber Online Helpline – 1800-889-9999 Jio Broad Band Care Helpline Number – 1800-889-9999 Helpline for Jio Customers – 1800-889-9999.

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