What exactly is a “quarantine”?

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The simplest meaning of separation is ‘to isolate’. This means keeping the person from whom any infectious disease is likely to spread in society for a certain period of time so that the disease does not spread to the community.

        Isolation and quarantine are two different worlds, but they are often used in the same sense, it is wrong (if quarantine is called isolation, can Isolation be called separation?) Isolation is the diagnosis of those who are ill. And they are admitted to the hospital and the treatment is started.

On the contrary, separation means that those who do not have the disease are not the patients, but the healthy persons who come in contact with the patient are likely to spread the disease in the society.

Such healthy individuals are isolated from the community for a certain period of time without symptoms of illness, called “quarantine“.

Quarantine is the original Italian word meaning ‘forty days’.

Quarantine – Origin, and history:

     Although the term quarantine was not available at the time, the evidence for quarantine has been in medical history for the chronic disease. Etc. S.

There is a history of such dissociation by some churches in the 7th year. In the meantime, there is a record of such separation for leprosy.

The earliest known separation was for the “Black Death” disease (which was said to have hit 7% of the population in Europe and Asia) in the past, while for the Yellow Fever (Philadelphia) plague for the past two decades (Honolulu, San Francisco). )

This method was used. With this coronavirus now and then, China and then Italy have followed it very strictly. And now we are quarantining to stop the spread of the disease in many countries including India.

How long is a quarantine needed?

If any germ infected in the body does not show any immediate symptoms, it may take some time for these symptoms to appear.

This period is called the incubation period. In these Covid-29 illnesses, the symptoms appear on average 3 to 7 days after germs are infected. Therefore, Covid-49 isolate for 7 days.

This incubation period is different for every infectious disease and therefore the duration of the incubation is also different.

Are we Indian citizens serious about this?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is “no”. Many doctors, nurses, medical staff and all the administrative officers, police, all government machinery, rulers.

In government service and private businesses are facing these diseases at the time of the war by risking their lives. But unfortunately, we did not realize the seriousness of these questions.

Today, the leading developed countries such as the US, Britain, France, and Italy have also become stagnant. In our country, there is a sharp boom in medical devices.

If an outbreak occurs and only 3% of people have a serious illness, then you will need three million ventilators. Are there so many ventilators in our country?

Dr., who is currently prestigious in a medical college. A message came from Kanan Year. The message is, in a very upsetting mood, that he wrote about the disease in the mindset of Indians.

While the governing body is working on the battlefield and struggling, one scholar says, “This is a democracy, what right does the government have to make us sit at home?” Reading his letter, I was upset.

Even today, people are fleeing these isolation centers and thousands, millions of people feel the offerings of the coronas. It is time to fight shoulder to shoulder with the governing system.

The rulers are taunting Tahoe, not for their own benefit, but are explaining to us the rules given by scientists in this field. Granted, the question of living for millions of people is going to be raised, but now there is the question of the lives of millions.

It has been a long time since these millions of people began to die like Kidamungi due to a lack of oxygen and ventilators.

Citizens, wake up now

If you come in contact with a patient with this illness, immediately inform the government medical authorities and get admitted to the detention center.

If some people have escaped from the isolation center, send them back there. Stay in the house, take care of the elderly. Get paid, don’t go to a picnic because travel is cheap, break the habit of coughing up diarrhea.

Sneezing in front of everyone

How low are the population of a country like Italy and the richness of resources? But the governing body has to decide where to live and whom to die, and this is our next step. So be careful today!

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