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Introduction going to the gym, going to the gym gives our muscles strength and stamina, but people are often unable to keep pace with exercise, which has to take care of their health.

Therefore, as much as necessary to go to the gym and exercise, it is also necessary to eat the right diet.

Seeing the changing lifestyles and celebrations, it has become a trend for the youth to go to the gym.

Everyone tries to give V-shape to their body. For these people sweat their sweat in the gym for many hours.

Introduction going to the gym, By doing gym, the muscles of the body are strengthened.

Often, people who go to the gym are unable to pay attention to food and drink, which causes damage to the body instead of strengthening it.

Therefore, going to the gym is more important than a healthy diet plan. Eating healthy food provides protein, vitamins and calcium to the body.

Let us tell you how to have your food during gym training.

If you want to make your body shapely by exercising, then your diet should contain high protein.

Apart from this, your diet should contain 50 to 60 per cent carbohydrate, 10-15 per cent protein and 25 to 30 per cent fat.

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