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how old is the united states

World’s most developed Best Trip Spot country, The American name comes very few people know about the true history of this country.

Today we will talk about the history of America that you do not know. Let’s know the history of America from birth to date.

About 27000 years old

It is about 27000 years old that there was a huge continent on the edge of Earth’s land, which today is part of America, Canada, and Mexico. But 27,000 years ago there was no name for this Maha block.

He had many living creatures and bird cats on the committee on the head. But the person was not even present.

brief summary of american history

So the question is, where did the man come on such a large continent? Friends, 27,000 years ago, there was some change in the atmosphere of the earth, due to which the small ice age started in the northern part of the earth.

Then there was a settlement of some settlements in Asia, Africa, and Europe, and today’s Russia Siberia expansion, which is very cold, Used to be there, and there was a habitat of the tribal habitats of the Mongol species.

Siberia state and gradually

There were somehow living themselves in Mongolia’s language by running there from here in 24%. But 27,000 years ago, due to the ice age and the lives of the tribals came under threat and it started to leave the middle part of Siberia state and gradually.

It was the period when Siberia was inhabited by the elephants of Mahmud, but the earth Because of this change of environment, they too have been eliminated. But the descendants of the Mongolian tribals somehow went to ancient Asia to save themselves.

If we look in the middle of America and Russia, then no land can be found. There is a sea of Bering between these two countries, which separates America and Russia.

But between the US and Russia, ice between the Bering name and the ability of some small islands 27,000 years ago was accumulated in the sea, and now the two countries became united by the sheet.

On the east side of Rasia who are struggling for life, Mangoloid tribals who came together will descend from this barring, leaving the ice in the middle of the ice where they got a new land.

27,000 years ago the tribal spread to the expansion of Alaska and Canada today, but there was no correct on the outbreak of cold weather.

Bering between Rusia and America

As they came to see in Siberia, sucking on life, they started moving toward the south gradually and with a slight increase, they saw a new world which was very beautiful, there were four and large fields, greenery land.

And the atmosphere was also a bit hot. And that’s what it is today that we call America today. Adivasis have not liked this place, food and livelier place in this new world have also been done.

And here, after many centuries, the ice age has gradually ended, and the ice created for some time in the sea of Bering between Rusia and America The pool too was immersed in water. And now again America and Russia became different countries

Thousands of years ago, in America, the descendants of the Aborigines settled in the Americas were now America. You were living with your happiness, but their happiness took place in 1492 when the Sea Columbus of Europe discovered them.

Talk about Columbus here, it was not really America but in search of India. And India was then called India in Europe. It was not that Europe’s people did not know about India because they knew it was in search of India.

Before the 14th century, many businessmen of India used to trade in Europe, at that time India was considered as a gold-winged bird.

On 12 October 1492

Before she went out to search India, she also tried to break the sea route to many navigators before coming to India. But those people could not cross the African continent, and due to the lack of land in such a large section, they considered Africa to be infinite.

And for the months that followed, the North Atlantic Ocean traveled from the west. And on 12 October 1492, when the Columbus arrived in the Bahamas of the Americas, then he saw red-colored tribal people because he was looking for India. He gave those people names Redneck.

Spain and discovered India.

It was absolutely wrong for these 1 seats of the tribal people who had been living their quiet life in America. Even the aboriginal people did not even know this. And people just considered America as their own world and Columbus, who came from thousands of kilometers away, was like an alien for them.

Before the original American tribal saw him, he was a very clever, cunning and unkind person, he shook some tribal people, and after some months he went to his country, he took 6 of these tribals and took them in the ship with them. So that he went to Spain and discovered India.

how old is the united statesWhen Columbus returned, the queen of Spain was presented to the forced and stubborn tribal and said that she searched for India although these six tribals went thousands of kilometers away to another country and there was no need to go back.

There was no scope. The second-year itself went back to that new land with 40 vessels and this time around 300 tribals were taken captive there, and they brought it back and presented the queen before the queen.

You should keep them as slaves. The queen’s mind melted upon seeing these naive tribes of the Adivasis and she ordered Columbus that they would not be enslaved and said that they would have to leave Pune at their place.

Vasco da Gama (Goa, Best Trip Spot in India) had discovered India

And when he returned to America’s land for the third time, he had to leave the tribal but he did not leave any stone unturned to use the trial. Columbus considered these tribals as guards.

So you think of something that we think of this Columbus. It was spread in Europe that Columbus had broken the sea route of India, but after 5 years the rumor was going to be proved wrong because Vasco da Gama had discovered India on Calicut Temple and everyone in Europe came to know how much Columbus was wrong.

Columbus New Earth to build their own colony

Now that India has invented India, now they should not go to Columbus New Earth to build their own colony and expand their country, and to seize America’s land, there has been a panic in European countries like Spain and France and for years People of Europe and most of Spanish America are coming to that land.

While the European people live here in the US, they are the poor people of the indigenous people. Gee went into hell. The Europeans wanted to destroy them in any way and wanted to capture the land themselves. They killed many tribals and made the tribals slaves somewhere.

The struggle for American tribal Europeans continued for years and after many years the survival of the tribals came to the brink of ending. After a while, British people went to America and made America their colony.

Before the British rule in America, many other European Americans had settled in America, and those Americans settled in America were liberated from the United Kingdom on 4 July 1776, and George Washington became the first president.

After that in America between white and blacks. Civil war and many battle battles were fought and the original tribal and red Indians were also eliminated.

After World War

So far, America has not been a developed country, the American has a small tale of being a developed country. It is that at the beginning of the twentieth century when World War I began.

The world’s only superpower was that the UK and UK coins ran all over the world, but after the first world war, there was an economic downturn and Europe had a great loss in many countries of France.

Had to suffer Because of this, the factories were shut down in Europe for several months, their end in World War I and the US took full advantage of the situation. After World War I, many businesses began to trade in America and the number of goods consumed in the United States of America was promoted.

America’s factories went to Europe and Africa

America’s factories went to Europe and Africa, and America became faster in a few years. Slowly the outsiders started to do well. In the essence of this propaganda, he also knew that India’s word is never present, so they came to the verge of death.

The new policies for the rescue and resurgence of Ray Indian caste were formed and rednecks were given reservation and many reserved lands. But until then it was too late today, in the whole of America.

There are more Americans of the Redner species native to America, after the first war, America’s sunrise and America became the world’s greatest superpower.

Today there is no other country in the developed world than America, but it does not matter which one it is, and every sun goes down one day or not.

Britain has ruled the world for many centuries, but today Britain’s sun is on the verge of going down and now it is to see what is happening in America and who takes it in the future.

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