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Whatsapp rates are updated on a few days’ intervals for new users. Now Whatsapp has brought ‘Restricted Group‘ feature. Presently, this feature is available in both the platforms of Android and iOS.

There has been a lot of controversy in the past few days due to the group on Whatsapp. Some members of the group share some controversial posts and the result is that Group Admin also has to suffer. So many people avoided making the group. Apart from this, many groups do not share controversial content, although some members are sharing posts, photos and videos all through the valley day. Many people ram ram to the group when they are tired of all these things.

That’s what Whatsapp has spotted, and has brought a new feature related to it.

What is ‘Restricted Group’?

Group admin will get special rights from WhatsApp’s ‘Restruct Group’ feature. When the ‘Restrict Group’ feature is actually implemented, the group admin will breathe a sigh while driving the group genuinely. Because of this feature, the group can post a controversial post sharing in the group. By doing so, members may read posts, view other members of the group, but they can not post anything.

When this feature is opened for all users, it can be used in the group’s settings and used.

In the meantime, this feature will be useful to prevent posting of controversial posts or group posts by the group.

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