Important information about your body.

Human body systems and their functions

1. Weight of human head: – 1 gm.
2. Normal blood pressure: – 1/4 min. M Height of water.
3. Largest cells in the body: – Neurons.
4. Number of red blood cells: –
Male: – 1 to 1.5 million / cubic cm.
Acne: – 1.5 to 3 million / cubic cm.
5. Total blood in the body: 1 to 3 liters.
6. Smallest bone: – Status (ear bone)
7. Largest bone: -Fimmer / Thai bone (Thigh bone)
8. Life time of red blood cells: – 3 days.
9. White blood cell counts: 1 to 3 per hour. Cm
10. Life span of white blood cells: 1 to 3 days.
11. Blood Platelets Mount: – 1 to 3 lakh cubic cm.
12. Hemoglobin concentration: –
Men – 3 to 4 grams / 2 centimeters.
Acne – 1 to 3 g / 2 drops.
13. Typical heartbeats: 1 to 3 minutes per minute.
15. Pulse rate (pulse rate): – 1 min.
15. Largest gastrointestinal tract: – Thyroid gland.
16. The largest muscle – the gluteus maximus.
17. Number of total cell types – 19.
18. Number of different blood cells in the blood –
– Monocytes – 5 to 8%.
– Basophils – 1.5%.
– Lymphocytes – 1 to 2%.
– Neutrophils – 1 to 2%.
19. Body Temperature – 91.9 Fahrenheit = 1 Kelvin = 1.5 degrees Celsius = 0.5 degrees Rankine.
20. Number of teeth in adults – 1.
21. Number of teeth in young children – 2 milk teeth.
22. The thinnest skin – the eyelid (conjunctiva).

Increase drinking water – the importance of water

1) 5% of the body is made up of water.
2) It is necessary to drink 3 to 1.5 liters of water a day.
3) It is beneficial to drink warm water.
4) Drinking water in the morning is the same as drinking water.
5) Circulation is good.
6) Blood is thin.
7) Constipation is lost.
8) Laziness is reduced.
9) Hair on the head does not dry out.
10) Skin problems do not occur.
11) Youth survives.
12) The body becomes clean from the inside.
13) Kidney stones do not occur.
14) Food is good for digestion.
15) The brain gets blood supply properly.

Health message Water is life.
Eat for health.

This message is from a group of doctors from India, which is being sent in the interest of the general public.

1) Please do not consume APPY FIZZ as it contains cancer
Generating chemicals.

2) Do not consume mentos before and after consuming coke or pepsi, because the mixture turns into cyanide by consuming it, causing death of the person consuming it.
Might be possible .

3) Do not consume crunchy because it contains a lot of plastic
is . Crunchy for its confirmation
If you burn it, you will see that the plastic has started melting – reports of Times of India

4) Stop the consumption of these pills immediately because it is very dangerous: –

– D-cold / D-cold
– Vicks Action-500
– Actified / Actified
– Coldarin / Coldarin
– Cosome / Cosome
– Nice / Nice
– Nimulid / Nimulid
– Satridge-d / cetrizet-d

6. These tablets contain phenyl propanol-amide PPA, which causes heartburn. Therefore, this drug is banned in the US.

7. On WhatsApp, you can make important information available to everyone for free, so read it and inform everyone.

8. US doctors have been diagnosed with a new type of cancer occurring in individuals, which is growing due to “silver nitro oxide”.

9. If you buy a recharge card for mobile charging, do not nail the code line for the code number, Because there is a layer of a chemical called silver “nitro oxide” in hiding the code, which causes skin cancer.

Important Health Considerations:

1. While talking on the cellphone, keep it towards the left ear.

2. Do not take pills with cold water.

3. Do not consume heavy food after 5 pm.

4. Always! Drink more water in the morning, and less at night.

5. The best time to sleep is from ten in the night to four in the morning.
is .

6. Do not take medicines immediately after taking food.

7. Do not talk to the cellphone whenever the battery is at last, because then the sound waves become one thousand times more powerful.

American Chemical Research Center

According to the test results:

1.Do not drink tea in plastic cups or eat on plastic paper. Because when the plastic is heated, it undergoes chemical changes
There is a risk of getting 52 types of cancer.

2. Make everyone aware of a good message
Getting 100 laughs is better than sending 100 messages of fun.
It is useful for everyone.

Knowledge is more important you will get better.

Please make your acquaintances, friends, relatives aware.

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